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  1. Muttmutt


  2. Muttmutt

    Any other Jews here?

    Not religious, but ethnically a Jew. I don’t honestly know how many Jewish people you’ll find here.
  3. Muttmutt

    Realization: Most people in modern society are anti-social.

    I mean to be honest I know I’m not going to just talk to random people on the street. Doesn’t make me antisocial. I really think people are just preoccupied with their own lives. Also, just because we are social animals does not mean we associate with every single person. We have our groups...
  4. Muttmutt

    (Discord Server) Jupiter colony 2.0

    It does suck. Doesn’t look great on the server especially given the events and way staff spoke about certain minority groups in the recent week.
  5. Muttmutt

    Do I exist?

    To be honest, most people tend not to give a shit about others. I know I don’t. I get up, work, go home. That’s about it. Most people are too involved in themselves and their own lives to pay mind to others.
  6. Muttmutt

    (Discord Server) Jupiter colony 2.0

    Yes. 100%. The owner reached out to tell me I had been banned due to a vote among admins. I asked for what reason and I was ignored.
  7. Muttmutt

    (Discord Server) Jupiter colony 2.0

    I was banned from this server about a week ago. Keep in mind that I have never been banned from a server before in all my years on discord - only ever received a warning once in one random server I am in about half a year ago. I did not break any of the rules listed and requested to know under...
  8. Muttmutt

    Clichés and tropes that you do like

    Enemies to lovers trope
  9. Muttmutt

    What the hell is a "Sussy Baka"

    Just some weird shit teens and kids are saying lol. I honestly couldn’t tell you what it actually means.
  10. Muttmutt

    Driving Tips for someone with severe ADHD and Anxiety?

    I find my anxiety helps settle my ADHD a bit. Helps keep me stimulated enough to focus on the task at hand. A lot of people with ADHD thrive in high-stress jobs because of this. I just make sure to do “check-ins” every minute or so. Makes sure I’m not losing focus or becoming complacent. Keep a...
  11. Muttmutt

    Preferred Names

    Either my username or another nickname that I go by. Although, I am not opposed to online friends using my irl name (granted they know it) with me. I don’t share my name around often, though.
  12. Muttmutt

    Animal testing ban?

    I will always feel that human life trumps animal life. I think this is just a natural bias that humans have anyway. We want to protect our own and preserve our species. We’re social animals and so we will generally prioritize one another. That being said, animal testing is pretty awful...
  13. Muttmutt

    Disability & Disabilities (Mk.II)

    My condition is not classed as a disability despite being an autoimmune disorder. It’s a relatively rare illness so there’s not a lot of advocacy for it. Some people with it successfully gain disability protections but others don’t. It takes a lot of jumping through hoops and money to actually...
  14. Muttmutt

    What the watah wolf doing

    What the watah wolf doing
  15. Muttmutt

    Exotic foods, are they "bad" or "racist" or are they sharing culture and enjoyable delicacies'?

    Careful dude you might offend the totally-not-snowflakes! Double careful, if the conservatives don’t like what you’ve said they’ll call you a child and treat you like shit like the damn LIBERAL you are :mad:
  16. Muttmutt

    Exotic foods, are they "bad" or "racist" or are they sharing culture and enjoyable delicacies'?

    Lol fuck off. I don’t know what your problem is man. I was making a comment because I see the usual morons screaming SJW at any little thing they dislike on this thread, so I made a comment. I’m not trying to be “clever” or whatever the fuck else you want to believe. I don’t care if I’m on some...
  17. Muttmutt

    Exotic foods, are they "bad" or "racist" or are they sharing culture and enjoyable delicacies'?

    I stated a single thing: “I think it’s ironic that people who call others sensitive are usually the most sensitive ones… getting offended over people changing the terms they use to be more inclusive.” You were the one who started spewing a bunch of bullshit and putting words in my mouth. No, I...
  18. Muttmutt

    Exotic foods, are they "bad" or "racist" or are they sharing culture and enjoyable delicacies'?

    That’s not really how this works. You don’t get to disagree with my opinions and decide that means I don’t deserve basic respect. You’re the only person here not acting as an adult. Maybe you ought to find a new hobby because being an asshole to strangers on the internet doesn’t look great for you.
  19. Muttmutt

    Exotic foods, are they "bad" or "racist" or are they sharing culture and enjoyable delicacies'?

    I am not offended and never said I was. I was making a *generic* comment about a *generic* topic that this one reminded me of - you know, as message boards such as these are for. I don’t care about this particular instance of word semantics. I care about these topics as a whole. Trust me...