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  1. S.D.O.S.

    Free art, get it while it's "Hot".

    Hi, Please feel free to pitch in a character and I will then see them all and pick 2 freebies. If you don't have a character just pitch a paragraph about the character and if I like it and pick it I will create the character for you, free. Will offer 2 free art works with the quality as shown...
  2. S.D.O.S.

    Headshots/Busts | OPEN

    Art for free, going for 2 slots only of free art as a thanks I guess to a very good year of payed art work on this forum. It will be my take on your characters. I will only pick what art to do Friday so feel free to submit what ever you want. Samples of what you can get:
  3. S.D.O.S.

    Commission (Selling)

    Hi, During October I will be available for commissions, price range 50 to 100 USD, any kind/creature/style and type. If interested just contact me via prvt msg, thank you. Sample of a commission:
  4. S.D.O.S.

    Free bust/headshot

    Hi, Read more about this on my FA journal and drop a comment there. Samples:
  5. S.D.O.S.

    Giving away 1 free bust.

    Hi everyone, It's my 2nd free giveaway. Giving away another free bust. Just reply on this topic that you want a free bust and show me your character. I will later this week then pick one. Also I invite you all to visit my net home at artbysoares.com Last time I did a free bust for forum...
  6. S.D.O.S.

    Giving away 1 free bust, 1 time only.

    Hi everyone, I've felt a real good welcome from this site/forum, already made some cool friends. For this reason I'm giving away 1 free bust piece. Anyone that wants this open commission must reply to this thread with the request, can be whatever spiece, human, whatever really, and I will...
  7. S.D.O.S.

    Gaming artist open for commissions.

    Hello, I'm open for commission work. 10 slots, prices from 30 to 200 USD, check image bellow for better understanding. Also I offer free eggs or nests to all commissions. I work for indie projects, gaming wise but for the next couple of weeks I have free time and nothing beats fur/scales...
  8. S.D.O.S.

    He enters the "Building"...

    Hello, My name is Sdos, I've been visiting this forum for a while, since it's a great tool I use for character development, most of you guys are great inspiration on that department. Lately, in my free time, I've been almost just creating fur characters and scalies so I thought it would just...