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  1. zombietoes

    (Commission) Selling: Chibi Digital Paintings 40-100$!

    This is a collaborative effort between me and Prettyboyfix :'0 They do the sketch and I paint it! We have 3 slots available! FCFS! [CLOSED [taken on twitter]] [Open] [Open] After that we'll be closing it up for a while. Respond here, pm or email me at nyallipop@gmail.com to claim a slot...
  2. zombietoes

    Cute Bunny Adoptables! 20$ OBO each!

    Message/comment on the submission if interested~ I totally do all kinds of design commissions too! Thanks for looking!! www.furaffinity.net: Bunny adoptables! by Zombietoes
  3. zombietoes

    Posed YCH! - 20$

    Full color/basic shading and clean lines! All still open. www.furaffinity.net: Strike a Pose YCH by Zombietoes
  4. zombietoes

    Summertime Chibi YCH - LAST DAY!

    ^^ Last day ;3
  5. zombietoes

    Summertime Chibi YCH - LAST DAY!

    www.furaffinity.net: Summer time Chibi ych <3 by Zombietoes Cute little summer time chibis available, they'll be fully colored and shaded~
  6. zombietoes


    Any gender, species, etc~ NSFW: www.furaffinity.net: NSFW AUCTION by Zombietoes SFW: www.furaffinity.net: SAILOR SCOUT COLLAB YCH by Zombietoes
  7. zombietoes

    Looking to Commission High Quality HeadShot

    Userpage of zombietoes -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If you'd like to check out my gallery, there's lots of different examples~
  8. zombietoes

    Easter YCH! Cute + SFW

    Bid here -> www.furaffinity.net: Easter YCH! by Zombietoes
  9. zombietoes

    Icon commissions [5 Slots!] + sfw/nsfw commissions

    Yes, they're still open >w> feel free to pm me here or on FA, whatever you're more comfortable with (ALSO THANK YOU!! ;;;;)
  10. zombietoes

    Icon commissions [5 Slots!] + sfw/nsfw commissions

    Boop~ These are still available~~
  11. zombietoes

    Icon commissions [5 Slots!] + sfw/nsfw commissions

    Taking five slots for icons! Here are some examples: Flat 15$ example~ Shaded 20$ example~ and I take many other commissions, I'll draw just about anything~ Humans, feral, pokemon, anthros, so on and so forth. I also take traditional commissions, largely in watercolor. Commission Info for...
  12. zombietoes


  13. zombietoes


    The chimera was sold~ three designs left
  14. zombietoes


    Found right here~ Tried my hand at adoptables and really liked a lot of them, was hoping someone else might give them a good home 'v' Go ahead and send me a message/comment if interested~
  15. zombietoes

    (50 dollar limit) Need Art for Christmas Gifts

    I'm interested if you'd like~ My gallery is found right here: Artwork Gallery for Zombietoes -- Fur Affinity [dot] net feel free to contact me either here or there if you're interested ^3^
  16. zombietoes

    Where do I begin?

    Painttool SAI is awesome and only costs 60 USD I think? Firealpaca is a great alternative to that and photoshop that's free :3