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  1. Entropy

    How would you describe yourself politically?

    How on Earth does that work?
  2. Entropy


    There's no set naming system for hybrid species yet because the genetic hybrids (chimeras) which have so far been created only contain minute amounts of genetic material from a species other than the original one. I presume that, say, an anthropomorphic fox would be Homo vulpes or Vulpes...
  3. Entropy

    Furry Foods?

    And how would that not be considered murder?
  4. Entropy

    Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

    Yes, that's exactly my point Ranzun. Most people don't even know the meaning of the word "furry" in this context, and anyone who does know what it means probably doesn't care.
  5. Entropy

    Why did you choose that animal to be your fursona?

    What's wrong with that?
  6. Entropy

    Furry Foods?

    You know, that's something I've always wondered. Animals are fine 98% of the time, our pets eat crappy off-cuts of uncooked meat that didn't even make it to the kebab shop and they're pretty healthy. Not to mention all the small rodents that cats often bring home. I was under the impression...
  7. Entropy

    Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

    Only my online friends know. About two... maybe three of my nerdier school friends know about furries and the image they hold is not positive. I can hardly blame them from what they've seen on the internet. I don't see the point of telling anyone IRL. "So hey, I heard you're a furry too?"...
  8. Entropy

    I don't think you guys realise that anthro animals would be jerks

    If I recall correctly, dogs can live on a vegetarian diet just fine. A friend of my mother's was a vegetarian, and she managed to feed her dog a non-meat diet. I think cats can only digest meat though.
  9. Entropy

    Why did you choose that animal to be your fursona?

    Moving gently back towards the original topic... I chose tiger because I love cats; we've had a couple as pets in my house and I think they're generally awesome and cool. Tigers are... well just big cats in my mind, and white tigers have a mildly more interesting colouring than normal ones...
  10. Entropy

    I don't think you guys realise that anthro animals would be jerks

    Furries have the same human minds as their creators. Things would not be very different in a so-called furry society except for the average I.Q... I'll leave you to interpret that how you wish. And from what I've seen, people are pretty lacklustre about enforcing species-specific dietary habits...
  11. Entropy

    Who Here Drinks?

    I just finished a glass of Jaegermeister, so uhh... go figure.
  12. Entropy


    On my left index finger I have a thin line running across my fingerprint from an accident in tech class at school. I was adjusting a sheet of metal in a very old metal folding machine when for some reason I let go of the lever holding the clamp/folding edge up. I tried to whip my other hand out...
  13. Entropy

    Put your paw on the bible...

    I read in the newspaper that this law was put to a vote and opposed by 70% of Swiss voters, so it's not been passed.
  14. Entropy

    Whatever you do, don't forget Rule 42!

    Too right Tai... ...Wait a minute, maybe not actually. R61 on Mythbusters was taking it too damn far.
  15. Entropy

    Whatever you do, don't forget Rule 42!

    Encyclopedia Dramatica and rulesoftheinternet.com both give different answers; clearly Anon can't count.
  16. Entropy


    I've considered getting one when I leave home but I don't think that I actually will. I'm not one for making bold fashion statements :P If I did, I'd like to get a black and red leather one with a D-ring
  17. Entropy

    Story behind your avatar?

    I play Engie a lot in TF2, go figure :D
  18. Entropy

    Whatever you do, don't forget Rule 42!

    Aside from the fact that this thread is totally random and I have no idea what point you're getting at Joe, which R42 are you on about? Rule 42 is either "The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42," "Nothing is sacred" or "It is delicious cake, you must eat it" depending on which...
  19. Entropy

    Sunn O)))

    Yeah I've got some of their stuff. It's not bad, but I find it hard to listen to and I prefer Tool or Juno Reactor if I want to listen to some slow and eerie music.
  20. Entropy

    How tall are you guys?

    6'2" or 1.88m