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  1. ThunderSnowolf

    Worst experience with another community/hobby?

    There are bronies in the furry community though. And I don't get how one can just stop being one. I've been a bring since I was 14 years old and I was still a furry then too.
  2. ThunderSnowolf

    I hate it when......

    Guys, it's a joke. ^^
  3. ThunderSnowolf


  4. ThunderSnowolf

    Started a petition to shut down DeviantArt. This site is incredibly toxic and the launch of...

    Started a petition to shut down DeviantArt. This site is incredibly toxic and the launch of eclipse was just giving it an early death.
  5. ThunderSnowolf

    What accent do you have IRL and is it the same as your sona's?

    American/Canadian... and no. My fursona speaks with an Australian accent. He is an Australian shepherd jinmenken and I just thought it was strange how there were so many Australian shepherd fursonas with American accents, but almost none with Australian accents.
  6. ThunderSnowolf

    Kothorix's video made me stop being a furry.

    It doesn't seem fair to hate all of the furry fandom, including us over something a bunch of idiots outside the fandom did. Actually, I was the real victim of a furry hate-crime myself, not the culprit. I got beat up for being a furry. Did I deserve that?
  7. ThunderSnowolf

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    6, before I knew about sex. Not like the anti-furries would care.
  8. ThunderSnowolf

    Thoughts about Saturn landings

    Well, maybe I should look into it more then. But personally, I will always see Pluto as a planet, even if the rest of the world doesn't. Like I said before, if our home star system did have over 40 planets, that would be quite interesting.
  9. ThunderSnowolf

    Thoughts about Saturn landings

    Personally, I would have been overjoyed at the idea of over 40 planets. But I suppose there's no changing that if most of the world agrees that planets can't have satellites of nearly similar mass as themselves.
  10. ThunderSnowolf

    Thoughts about Saturn landings

    Well, NASA isn't always truthful or promising when it comes to space travel. They promised to send a probe to the moon, and changed it to an in-orbit satellite instead. It's best to be sure they have valid evidence behind what they say first. I mean hey, they managed to convince all of the...
  11. ThunderSnowolf

    Thoughts about Saturn landings

    Yeah, that makes sense. I see now.
  12. ThunderSnowolf

    Thoughts about Saturn landings

    Well a space channel for example tried to make it seem as if they made it to Saturn in only a short amount of time after announcing that they were going and showed us the footage. Doesn't Titan have a thick atmosphere covering the surface from sight? So, why were we able to see it here? It seems...
  13. ThunderSnowolf

    im sad, send requests [closed]

    I'm pretty sad too. My cat died yesterday morning and I'm trying my best to cope with the loss. :( But I'll post some references I suppose. I hope you recover faster than I probably will.
  14. ThunderSnowolf

    Thoughts about Saturn landings

    Well life on Enceladus could be a bit complicated due to the giant cryovolcanoes. They could possibly blow any form of underground life into space. Personally, I find the possibility of exploring Rhea to be interesting though, due to the theory that it has a possible ring system just like its...
  15. ThunderSnowolf

    What job would your Fursona have?

    He's a service dog.
  16. ThunderSnowolf

    Thoughts about Saturn landings

    This is true.
  17. ThunderSnowolf

    Thoughts about Saturn landings

    I know the glorious giant planet with the most visible rings is pretty much the topic of every space-related media nowadays, but I'm generally confused about the landings on YouTube. You can easily tell that a lot of them were faked because it would take about 7 or so years to physically get to...
  18. ThunderSnowolf

    Female artists that fetishize homosexuality?

    Yeah, it's especially disturbing when the artist is a minor. I wasn't exactly a minor, but I noticed a lot of younger artists are asked about that stuff and they usually come back with "eh, I don't really like this too much..."
  19. ThunderSnowolf

    Any MGTOW furries?

    I'm pretty sure MGTOW is notorious for being sexist against women, sometimes other men as well. I've had personal experiences with them too, calling me a pervert for making gay couples when I didn't even fetishize them, they're just a gay couple.