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  1. zesty

    Furry mmo

    This game looks like every other KMMORPG ever. Cutesy page graphics "OH IT'S FREE!!!1!" No. Seriously, any game that lets players be better because they pay for items is complete bullshit. That is not a fair game. Lord, and people bitch about WoW.
  2. zesty

    Zynga rumored to split from Facebook

    I hope they do, most of their games are incredibly boring and have TERRIBLE designs. You do know you can block an application, right?
  3. zesty

    Halo Reach : Perfection.

    I played it some today at a friend's house, sucked badly at it. They switched the buttons around @_@ I was trying to melee and I would throw a grenade. It's fun though, as much as I love it, I was never great at it :P
  4. zesty

    Okami 2

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okamiden I am very excited about this game. I think the DS is a great platform for Okami considering the touch screen and duel screen capabilities. The graphics, of course, are not going to be ZOMG AWESOME. What I have seen of it has been good, so I'm not...
  5. zesty

    Streaming Silent Hill

    Honestly, after watching him play Shattered Memories, I wouldn't be able to play it. I appreciate it when people do stuff like this with story driven games that I would otherwise be unable to see/experience. Figuring out the puzzles on your own and playing through on your own the first time in...
  6. zesty

    Streaming Silent Hill

    Cool :] I'll be watching you and House then, lol.
  7. zesty

    Streaming Silent Hill

    Awesome! I'll watch while I cook dinner CX
  8. zesty

    Streaming Silent Hill

    This just made my night awesome.
  9. zesty

    Sound in Video Games

    And now the nightmares happen...
  10. zesty

    Sound in Video Games

    Silent Hill always had me spinning around looking for monsters when the static started up. Not to mention all the creepy and hell ambient noises in game. Wario Ware did a good job at getting you to panic by speeding up the music in their micro games. The sounds were always fun, too.
  11. zesty

    Need a new MMO.... again *sigh*

    It's not an MMO, but I was watching my friend play Dragon Age Origins today, and it plays very much like an MMO minus other players. I actually wanted to play it after watching him play, which is rare.
  12. zesty

    Favourite Word?

    Cunt, hands down. So forceful and so rarely misunderstood.
  13. zesty

    Gears Of War 3

    I disliked 1, but enjoyed 2 very much. I won't buy it, but my friend and I will probably rent it :]
  14. zesty

    Possibly the worst game EVAR

    Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad Seriously, worst game EVER. My friend and I rented it just assuming it would be laughably bad, but it was so buggy, we couldn't even laugh about it. Horrible, horrible game.
  15. zesty


    Ergo Proxy Azumanga Diaoh Haibane Renmei Eve no Jikan Mushi-shi
  16. zesty

    Cookies vs. Brownies

    Brownies, they are like little cakes :9 I love cookies too, but there are tons of varieties of brownies as well! They don't always have to be just plain chocolate.
  17. zesty

    What do you think about these new "fads"?

    *eats all the cookies herself* >:[
  18. zesty

    What do you think about these new "fads"?

    I am severely disappointed in anyone who votes for anything other than the last option :[ I CAN SEE YOUR NAMES, PEOPLE. No cookies for you.
  19. zesty

    Rate The Song Above You!

    8/10 I love some Radiohead :] Stuck in my head right now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zdNdjF-htY
  20. zesty

    Ask the mods questions.

    What about cake? WHY IS IT ALWAYS ABOUT PIE?