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  1. Victor Anderson

    Interesting Ways to Show Off a Character's Abilities

    I've been working on a project as of late, and the main character is a demon who is extremely difficult to kill (Though, it's not impossible.), but I need an interesting way to show this off. I had planned on having him get shot, be knocked to the ground for a few minutes, before standing again...
  2. Victor Anderson

    Vampire Skunk (Full Movie)

    Honestly, I didn't expect to watch the whole thing, but I did, and enjoyed every second. Great job on this!
  3. Victor Anderson

    Critique Request - The Black Dog's Gospel. (It's not really furry related.)

    I've been working the last few days on these little dandies, and really need them picked apart. Thanks! Also... it's not furry related... and kinda hard to follow. So, an apology in advance. (Not furry related) The Black Gog's Gospel: First nine pages by VictorAnderson -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  4. Victor Anderson

    Zombies attack. What is your gameplan?

    My 'sona is the most overpowered character I've ever written about... so... nothing to worry about whatsoever. A zombie would walk onto my driveway, and get eaten by black dogs, or be pulled down to hell... or just explode, to be honest.
  5. Victor Anderson

    In your imaginary future, how does the fandom evolve?

    Don't think like that... guerilla can be very successful when used by the right group.
  6. Victor Anderson

    Jesus Saves and the Devil Spends (neo noir western)

    Ima give it a look over when I can... It seems awesome! Really looking forward to it, Red.
  7. Victor Anderson

    Older Style Poetry: What?

    The theme is the standard, over done, earth and hell, demons, the realm of Gehenna, and their general unhappiness... that manner of thing. As for style... I was referring to the poetry style, that comes out of Latin being translated to English. Here... a stanza of what I'm talking about: O...
  8. Victor Anderson

    Older Style Poetry: What?

    So... I'm starting to work on a series of poems called "The Black Dog's Gospel", and need a few pointers on writing poems in the old translated Latin style. I've done poetry like this before, but need a little help with the general poetry things.
  9. Victor Anderson

    Multiple fursonas? A few questions.

    I've been in the process of lazily throwing together a fursona for the past month, and over that time I've shat out a couple that I use. My main one (The unnamed dog-beast set as my avatar), is the main character in a story I'm writing, and a few others just float around for when I need them...
  10. Victor Anderson

    There are 2 Kinds of Authors

    I tell the details outright, and let the reader interpret back story and themes and such. So... both?
  11. Victor Anderson

    Difficult Scenes

    So, I'm curious about any scenes you have guys have written, or read, that where difficult. I'm not really talking about problems with skill, but scenes that you just didn't want to make or read.
  12. Victor Anderson

    What's the story behind your fursona's name?

    My fursona's current name is Baskerville... because I like that book. 'Bout it.
  13. Victor Anderson

    That... Went Better Than Expected

    I love you people. XD While yes, the friend did hate furries, I didn't mean to make this a big deal. Being a furry isn't exactly a big thing, but it would've been to her. She also steals my phone a lot, and uses my computer... so, it was bound to happen at some point. The only reason this...
  14. Victor Anderson

    Your Most Humiliating Defeats(Gaming)

    Gather around, children... I would like to tell you about my most embarrassing moment in video gaming. Back like last year, a GTA V crew called the "Freedom Birds" had a bit of a civil war. This was manly due to it's leader abandoning everyone, the commissioners not telling anyone anything, and...
  15. Victor Anderson

    That... Went Better Than Expected

    I came out to a very close friend, after almost three months of continuous hints, passing comments, and jokes, I actually grew a pair and told her. Now... I should say that this isn't really something to be celebrated, but I do feel pretty accomplished, especially considering she had made it...
  16. Victor Anderson

    Can your Fursona Die?

    Holy fucking shit, what happened to your avatar?!
  17. Victor Anderson


    Guys... I think we have found our million dollar idea. Now, does anyone here know anything about coding?
  18. Victor Anderson

    March of a Black Hound Part 1 *Violence and death and stuff*

    So, the first part of my first furry related story. Could you, lovely reader, please rip it to the very bone? Pick the meat from it's ribs, and then complain about the meat's quality? I hate to pull this card, but English isn't my first language, and sometimes my writing reflects this... so...
  19. Victor Anderson

    How Society Sees Furries

    My life is now complete. Satan... I'm ready to die.
  20. Victor Anderson

    Aurelio Voltaire

    Haha, yeah... I suppose that would have been a better thing to mention. xD