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  1. Saito Chikara

    Favorite Video Game Characters

    Yuri Lowell Rico (Just Cause 2) Buck (ODST) Six (Reach)
  2. Saito Chikara

    So, what games are you hyped for?

    Halo: Reach, and "Star Wars: The Old Republic" Xbox 360 version.
  3. Saito Chikara

    video games

    Old games have that "Nostalgia" if you grew up with them (Mario Bros. 3, Blades of Steel FTW) but a lot of the newer games (FF XIII, DOA4, Halo Reach) have really good, almost realistic graphics. The storylines have evolved over the years (Halo, for instance), But I have to cast my vote as a...
  4. Saito Chikara

    Sonic Colors

    The Ultimate Question - Totally safe for work, or anywhere. Really. It is safe. And it is the ultimate question.
  5. Saito Chikara

    Just Cause 2 - Challenges + Youtube

    My videos on my YouTube account (being only one at the moment) is pretty boring as I am just getting into the whole Filming and Video Editing, so as I get more requests, the videos will just get better. I am BEGGING for challenges, here. Just give me something to give back. Thanks!
  6. Saito Chikara

    Oblivion lovers unite!

    I have all the DLC featured on XBL. I personally prefer Morrowind to Oblivion only because of the Worth of the game. As in, you had a more fulfilling gameplay over the course of the game, the items stored outside a person's house, and even inside, had more value than in oblivion, and you could...
  7. Saito Chikara

    Just Cause 2 - Challenges + Youtube

    Hello there FA! I am currently working on a project. I want suggestions for challenges and/or stunts to do in Just Cause 2 that I can capture and post on youtube. My channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/SaitoChikara so if you'd like to see some crazy things done, post it in the comments...
  8. Saito Chikara

    Trying to figure out a new program

    I just received a new program for school. It's called: Master Cook Deluxe. I have to make a menu for a Healthy Active 18-Year-Old male as outlined by the Canada's Food guide. I'm trying to figure out the program without reading through the 10-lb book that came with it. Anyone know how to use...
  9. Saito Chikara

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I'm currently running rampant in Panau, in Just Cause 2. I'm also looking at getting a copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, or Red Dead Redemption. And I just finished up with the Halo: Reach BETA. I am an Xbox gamer.
  10. Saito Chikara

    Hi there (:

    Welcome. I'm new here too. :)
  11. Saito Chikara

    Why hello there :)

    I'm new here too, but Welcome! ^_^
  12. Saito Chikara

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    I am a player of MW2 and Halo 3. I also enjoy Crackdown and Bad Company 2. (and Halo: Reach when it comes out) I am Saito Chikara. Add me, and msg me (no voice please) letting me know you're from FA or else I won't accept. Also, until I get a steady job, money is tight (I'm supporting my...
  13. Saito Chikara

    Hello, Everyone!

    Well, I'm mostly a baker, so I make Danishes, Breads, Cakes, and next week I'm learning about Pies. I also do cooking, so I make soups, sauces, and I make a really mean homemade Caesar salad. everything from scratch. even the mayo.
  14. Saito Chikara

    Hello, Everyone!

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, so I'm just saying hi. I'm in the process of trying to learn how to draw Anthromorphics (Or draw anything, for that matter). I am also a Chef Apprentice, looking to get my Red Seal in baking. I love making friends and answering questions of any type, so if you have...