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  1. Foxxorz

    Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread

    I leave Skype on basically all the time if you feel like sniffing around. Just be notified that my responses may be unconventional. :3c Skype name is also foxxorz
  2. Foxxorz

    Currently/Recently Playing Thread

    Shift 2 Unleashed until I get mad, then Brutal Doom until I get madder, then Sim City 4 to calm down. Sprinkle in some Minecraft for flavor.
  3. Foxxorz

    The Vending Machine 2000

    - nothing happens - *inserts a quarter*
  4. Foxxorz

    What Do You Think FA Smells Like?

    The art site smells sterile and metallic but the forums smell like Red Bull and skunks.
  5. Foxxorz

    Open Chat

    I bet that spaghetti was too hot. :Ic
  6. Foxxorz

    All this talk of DOOM reminds me of something

    Just wait for Brutal Doom64. The way it was intended to be. <3
  7. Foxxorz

    Whats your fav pc game

    Brutal Doom with Doom 2016 Guns mod. :3c
  8. Foxxorz


    Yo. Right here. I've been playing way too much Brutal Doom lately. :3c The Doom 2016 Weapons mod for it has been an interesting twist.
  9. Foxxorz

    Any furs from Portland Oregon in here

    I drive though every few weeks does that count? :U I'm probably the only furry in Grant's Pass when I go down there.
  10. Foxxorz

    Position an pot legalization

    Personally I'd like pot, mushies, lsd, mdma and dmt/ayahuasca to be as legal as booze.
  11. Foxxorz

    Help Me Practice? :3

    Here's one for ya, only nowadays the eyes are green: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8954704/ :3c
  12. Foxxorz

    [CLOSED]Bored. Opening sketch requests

    He is, in fact, a smooth criminal. B) Thank you very much for the lineart! <3
  13. Foxxorz

    R.I.P. cops

    No sir. I don't like it.
  14. Foxxorz

    Any recipes?

    Not Yo Mamma's Potato Soup You'll Need: - 6 large or 12 small russet/baker's potatoes - half a bulb of garlic (a few cloves) - 2-4 large carrots - 2-4 large celery stalks - one medium shallot - 16-24oz cottage style bacon (I recommend Redneck brand) - one quart half & half - one stick of...
  15. Foxxorz

    This website is bad and it should feel bad

    I dunno I think riding the spam waves is kind of fun. :U
  16. Foxxorz

    [CLOSED]Bored. Opening sketch requests

    I'd love to see your interpretation of: (nekkid) www.furaffinity.net: Rye by F-SS, (clothed) www.furaffinity.net: Rye by Atra. :3c
  17. Foxxorz

    Creepy Feelings/Episodes/Experiences

    I'd say sleep paralysis is pretty creepy. At the onset breathing becomes more difficult, and eventually impossible as all voluntary movement of any kind (including eyelids) is blocked. On top of this there is usually a building sensory overload heard as what starts as a positive feedback loop...
  18. Foxxorz

    Do you pee in the shower

    For sure I pee in the shower. B)
  19. Foxxorz

    What've been your moments of EXTREME forgetfulness?

    Less serious offense: On the regular I forget to put out the garbage on time and have to wait another week while it piles up. More serious offense: Last summer I forgot to pack onto a moving trailer a water pump and generator that my buddy needed for his camp site some 800 miles away, as well...