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  1. Listwindbreaker

    That Discord Is Back.

    It's back, that server is back that I made back in the begging of the year. The server is called, "The Hub" The Hub is mostly a blast to the past with some good feelings of how the old Discord was. The server has the following: Many users NSFW Memes Politics/Discussion Furry rooms...
  2. Listwindbreaker

    Near 2k Furry server!

    Im on it
  3. Listwindbreaker

    Near 2k Furry server!

    Hello, this is my first time posting here, and this is a good place to post my furry server ad! It's called Furhome, the Pitstop for all furry servers. -Two main chats -International chat -Emotes -Meme and shitposting galore! -Nsfw roles and commands -Side channels for all of your needs and...