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  1. Blu Dragoon

    Hiring: ($100+) Character Artist needed: Cute Deer Boy

    Hello, I'm looking to hire an artist to draw a character ref sheet of a cute and slightly feminine yet toned male Cervine. I'm looking for an artist that specifically specializes in cell-shading method that closely resembles Anime, and has a good understanding of colors. The ref sheet will...
  2. Blu Dragoon

    Animated Protogen mask

    I was originally working on this mesh to be used in my friends game to troll around some of the clantards that play and think they're all that, but then decided to change stuff up and put a video texture over the mask, ears and hoses. Which would omit the mesh from being usable in Roblox, which...
  3. Blu Dragoon

    Looking for an actiony-poster like artwork

    I have found someone to commission! ^w^ Thank you all for your time and patience!
  4. Blu Dragoon

    Looking for an actiony-poster like artwork

    Thank you guys for posting, I'm so so sorry for forgetting a crucial detail in the original post! I'm looking to have the artwork's shading be soft cell shading like in my ref sheet, its my favorite kind of shading! Sorry for not catching that before I posted! And yes! I'm still looking for an...
  5. Blu Dragoon

    Looking for an actiony-poster like artwork

    Err0w! ^w^ So I'm looking to get commission someone to draw a full-body picture of my sona Blu Dragoon with a devious grin, wearing what my avatar in PUBG wears with a few modifications to his attire, such as the removal of the helmet and gasmask, and if the jacket can be all yellow, with the...
  6. Blu Dragoon

    February doodles {OpEn}

    Hello! ^w^ Here's Blu Dragoon if you're interested, cute little derg. www.furaffinity.net: [C] - Blu by Dipindu
  7. Blu Dragoon

    [Filled] [SFW] Reference sheet for my sona

    I'm a day late on this but I've been pretty swamped with work, moving on. Thank you guys so much for your time but I have found someone to commission, I will keep this thread bookmarked for future commissions as I have seen a few people in here who has the kind of art I like and would love to...
  8. Blu Dragoon

    [Filled] [SFW] Reference sheet for my sona

    Do you have a DA or FA that'll allow me to see what else you've drawn?
  9. Blu Dragoon

    [Filled] [SFW] Reference sheet for my sona

    Err0w everybody! My name is Blu Dragoon, but you can call me Blu for short! After spending the last couple of months carefully thinking over what my sona is and tried to draw him a few times but failed as I'm not an artist with 2D drawings, I've spent a while on debating if I should commission...
  10. Blu Dragoon

    Looking to commission! ^w^

    Looking to commission! ^w^