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  1. Archir

    People ask way too little money for commisions!

    Yup I started the topic there, as this is the main art site I go too. But FA is the site were I get most of my commissions. So I thought posting it here wouldn't be a bad idea either. Also the prices people ask here on FA are often even lower than on DA. Which is really shocking to me. Because...
  2. Archir

    People ask way too little money for commisions!

    When I was a student i did lots of commission here on FA. At some point I was lucky enough to get 150 dollars for some commissions. But then I ended up changing it so many times that the amount of money I got was just too little for the time I spend on the piece. But No way they are going to pay...
  3. Archir

    People ask way too little money for commisions!

    I've been doing commissions for a few years now. I've pretty much stopped doing them because I got a full time job as animator 1,5 years ago. So I don't have to do them anymore but also because nobody wants too pay me, because its to expensive. But what I find weird is why is this expensive...
  4. Archir

    Popular Skilled Artist gets rejected by former crappy artist?

    If you comment on peoples work you can comment on the quality, but its actually better to comment on the process. Say a crappy artists is really trying his best to draw dragons and the quality is far less then yours, but you can see that the newer versions of his drawing are getting better. Then...
  5. Archir

    Looking for artists good with lizards

    I specialize in dragons and lizards My price list: link My gallery: link
  6. Archir

    Looking for artists who want to draw my dragons in anthro form.

    I found my artists. This thread will be closed
  7. Archir

    Tablets and stuff

    I work with alot of details and have a realistic style, but i work with the cheapest bamboo:P Sometimes i work with the Bamboo Fun and that works great. Sure the intuos is a bit better. But The bamboo's are good enough.
  8. Archir

    How do you personally find comissioners?

    Simply draw what people like to see. People will eventuallu commision you. When Commisions aren´t going that well and when i get less comments than usual I just make some fanart, people like that and will come back. Also being a good artist helps.
  9. Archir

    Looking for artists who want to draw my dragons in anthro form.

    I know I can draw it myself:P But I really like it when other people draw my characters. Anyway I got 3 characters who i would like to see in anthro form. You can give the clothes make them do stuff, draw there emotions. I really would like a funny or interesting scene. I also don't mind...
  10. Archir

    Commissions open! Offering high quality! Cheapest 5$

    Some more examples of commisions I made:
  11. Archir

    Looking for a few things. :]

    I can offer you a page full of sketches of your character. for 15$ I'm a harry potter fan myself And i've made lots of harry potter fanart in the past. Anyway Check my gallery for my style: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/archir/
  12. Archir

    Commissions open! Offering high quality! Cheapest 5$

    I'm open again. I'm gettin really near that new computer that I want to buy. So I'm opening commisions to get does last dollar I need to get it. Also a lot of people don't know that I also do Adult artwork. Even hardcore stuff is ok to me. Anyway, A few of you know it sometimes takes a long...
  13. Archir

    Updated and new Reference Sheets

    I would love to do it. Here is an example of a ref sheet http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5016332/ A wolf I recently made: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5039075 Rest of my gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/archir/ Here are my prices: Reference Sheets Full body poses 30$ per...
  14. Archir

    Character contest! Win art and some cash!

    I´m always very interested in how people draw my characters, i´ve done some arttrades and commissions to see the results, and there all very cool. Here is the link to the contest:http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1823010/ I just want to see some more art of them. I don´t in which style...
  15. Archir

    Looking for a quick commission

    I can make a pretty detailed and realistic image for that price check my gallery http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/archir/
  16. Archir

    Open for detailed commisions, Illustrations, reference sheets, storyboards

    Update: New adult artwork: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4690667/#cid:34895994 Some other illustrations
  17. Archir

    Open for detailed commisions, Illustrations, reference sheets, storyboards

    (Price update, cheaper!) Hi, I'm open again, as I finished most of my other bigger commisions. I can draw almost anything form Sci-fi landscapes to forest scenes. I Like it when you want to challenge me with something cool, so if you have a very difficult commision request I'll do it. Note me...
  18. Archir

    Detailed Busts of your character 15$!

    I´m in real need of money so I lowered my prices extremely for busts. There 15 dollars, If your lucky you get the drawing today or tomorow. Just send me some references of you fursona and i´ll start drawing. payment is via paypal.
  19. Archir


    Thanks It looks great!
  20. Archir

    High quality commissions for sale

    I forgot to ad these. They were a succes a while ago. Speedpainting 20 dollars. The only cost me between 1 and two hours to make. Thats why there cheap. examples: