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  1. Sithon

    do you wear a collar, and why or why not?

    In that case, I volunteer myself to be locked in a cage with just a collar on by Mentova :P
  2. Sithon

    Furries dating furries

    I would rather date someone who is a part of the fandom. That way, you know they will also be interested in anthro's, and will see nothing strange about ears, tails, suits, cons etc. and it would probably be a bonding feature, wearing tails together and stuff, rather than it being something they...
  3. Sithon

    Car company marketing to furries, is this fur reals?

    It's about gay pride and marketing to gay people... They either thought 'Hey! Furries? Must be hairy guys like bears!' Or 'Aren't all furries gay?!?'
  4. Sithon

    What should I be…?

    Member, and if you enjoy it, fursuiter. I find sexual fursuiting strange, purely because of how much fursuits cost and how badly semen could ruin the fur.
  5. Sithon

    Repercussions of becoming anthropomorphic?

    Your posts were good and well thought out, though, at least ^.^
  6. Sithon

    Repercussions of becoming anthropomorphic?

    I think that in the past these scenarios would have been more likely, but nowadays anthro's would be more accepted. I doubt we would be allowed to be used as pets, as most governments would see us as humans still (But the change would probably be presented as some kind of disease). I highly...
  7. Sithon

    Funniest/Strangest Scenarios Explaining Furries

    Only one. I cant remember why, but I was showing a (non-furry) friend an image of fursuiters at anthrocon. Another friend then asked "Why are you looking at furries?"... Then someone else asked "What's a furry?" The second friend then explained that all furries are people who like to fuck...
  8. Sithon

    Requesting decent Artists: Amaya Fyreheart

    XD Zenia I love your art! Putting 'Decent' in the title is quite insulting, dont you think? You are requesting art for free here remember; try not to insult people. You should feel lucky if you get any art at all.
  9. Sithon

    Repercussions of becoming anthropomorphic?

    I think my problem with it lies with he fact that it is still meat, even though it is synthetically grown, and that still seems wrong somehow. Although I do agree with your point about people gradually accepting lab-grown meat, many vegetarians included.
  10. Sithon

    Please help me get over my artist's block (free chibis )

    Chibify me please? My ref is in my sig :3
  11. Sithon

    Quick Sketches

    I love the sketch style ^.^ My Ref is in my Sig :)
  12. Sithon

    Looking to draw

    Thank you! This is amazing, and I think you got the height just right :D Hope you don't mind, I posted it to my page (With credit obviously :D)
  13. Sithon

    Repercussions of becoming anthropomorphic?

    Not necessarily. I am a vegetarian and I, as I currently am, am iffy about lab-grown meat. Something about it still seems wrong to me, and I would not be willing to try it. I don't know why, but it just... doesn't seem right, even if it were perfected and affordable. I am sure others feel the...
  14. Sithon

    Repercussions of becoming anthropomorphic?

    So, in response to the three-year-old 'Push a button and become anthro' thread, I decided to create this. What would be the repercussions of becoming anthro? On a large scale, a small scale and as an individual, with personal repercussions and large scale ones, both good and bad. What would...
  15. Sithon

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    No you cannot, considering this is a personal choice there is no 'Correct answer'.
  16. Sithon


    Nope, Since those aren't Russell Howard... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_zfSlWdxos This is it.
  17. Sithon


    What? i havent watched this episode yet *Quickly trawles through recorded tv* :/ my freeview recorder has stopped recording the show over the past 2 or 3 weeks...
  18. Sithon

    Looking to draw

    Thanks for the offer ^.^ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10472457/ Dante is quite simple, so feel free to change him a bit if you choose him and see him as too plain.
  19. Sithon

    I don't see what the big deal is about vore

    Okay, but when did we say we thought it was wrong?
  20. Sithon

    whats your perfect anthro moment

    My perfect anthro moment? Lying in a grassy field on a hot, sunny day with my head in the lap of my (My fursona's) boyfriend, looking up at him as he looks deep into my eyes and leans forward to kiss me... Yeah...