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    What video game are you playing...

    I've recently gone back to Vigor on Nintendo Switch after initially giving it a pass, and have found it to be both very enjoyable and quite the unique take on a sandbox survival genre. Aside from that, I've also been playing #Drive and Sky Force Reloaded (both of these are mobile ports, but are...
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    What video game are you playing...

    Over the past two weeks I went back to Fortnite (again) for the first time in about a year. I also picked up Out Of Space: Couch Edition and Moving Out, which are both excellent co-op/ solo games (they're both made for local multiplayer, and I've been enjoying them solo). I'm playing them both...
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    Furry Convention

    I'm in a similar situation with conventions- always wanted to go, but never had the finances/ motivation to actually take a look. Perhaps I should change that when things eventually start up again in a year or two (or three, who knows at this point).
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    Best Furry Fandom Sites

    I think I'll take a look over there. Thanks for the recommendation.
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    Best Furry Fandom Sites

    This is a really good tip- I couldn't find any small-scale Discord servers (and I'm not really one to use Discord either, but taking a look wouldn't hurt). I'll browse the site when time allows.
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    How do you express your creativity?

    For me, my creativity is expressed through writing and video games (I grew up doing a lot of the latter, and still do to some extent). Last year I even started writing a fictional species (more world building and lore than the actual race at this point) to go along with my fursona. I used to...
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    How or why did you join the forum?

    I'd have to agree with you on the Star Fox Adventures part, it did unintentionally lend itself towards all the fan art that came afterwards. The same thing happened with Season 3: Tamers of Digimon: Digital Monsters as well. The Roleplay session was quite unique, and was a definite eye-opener...
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    How or why did you join the forum?

    I've been quietly watching the fandom since 2013, but never really engaged with it aside from viewing the artwork. I didn't know how to engage in a social manner that would, at least to me at the time, seem acceptable (I have ADHD, and was one of those hyperactive, happy-go-lucky individuals...
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    show me pics of your fursona!

    After many years, I finally settled on a male Wolf. Originally, i got the idea of creating a fursona while playing Second Life, and felt like I was being rushed into it. During this time, I started with a domestic cat, and later a Sergal. A few years later I created a fursona named "Ghotek"...
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    Hello everyone.

    Hi folks, I just recently came back here after many years (I made a single post back in 2013; expect a name change). I'll admit it's been awhile since I've posted in a forum. I've been through some difficult times over the past two years, and decided that perhaps now is the right time to engage...
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    Hello people, the name's Valiance. I'm fairly new to the furry community, and am looking forward to making new friends, both here and in Second Life. My fursona is a domestic cat.