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  1. A Concerned Citizen

    The Root of All Evil...

    This it truly the Twinkie of debates. IT NEVER GOES STALE EVER AND WILL LIVE ON LONG AFTER NUCLEAR WARFARE. </misconceptions>
  2. A Concerned Citizen

    Wait, how the f- do these positions even work? [NSFW]

    My dick has an elbow in it, so these work perfectly for me.
  3. A Concerned Citizen

    Fallout 3 Anyone?

    The game's pretty awesome. Love the graphics, love the atmosphere, love the music (GNR, FTW, even though the set list is rather short.) It's become my default option for when I want something to do on my 360, but I'm bored of everything else. The story line is a bit short though. That's why you...
  4. A Concerned Citizen

    Should Weed be Legal?

    InvadablePie is back? For reals? Also, pretty much ever arguement I've ever heard about weed is invalid, particularly the one about weed lowering your intelligence. Regardless, no one should do everything forever, marijuana included. It's a bad idea all around and you'll start to feel like...
  5. A Concerned Citizen

    Out of every thing in the world what do you hate the most

    Whiny ass cynics who complain about everything, yet when confronted with an idea on how they want to change things, they're strangely apathetic. Apathetic people are also high on my list. Also, people with an obcession that encompasses their entire life..
  6. A Concerned Citizen

    So, why in the hell do you/furries like Pokemon/Digimon?

    Seriously. There's so many a-fur fag, some of which are around my age or even older, that enjoy Pokemon and similar series, yet I'm having difficulty fathoming a reason to why that would be the case. The games themselves, I guess I could understand how that might be fun. Maybe. But...
  7. A Concerned Citizen

    Russian Gadget Hackwrench Religion

    Ah, Russians. First, Marx and now this. *hums a few bars from a Cult of Personality*
  8. A Concerned Citizen

    Weird Things About You?

    ... Am I the only furfag under 30 that doesn't like pokemon?
  9. A Concerned Citizen

    Puerto Rico needs to become the 51st State...

    Meh. I recommend surfing this site, though, if you have a hard-on for flags.
  10. A Concerned Citizen

    Puerto Rico needs to become the 51st State...

    It's either that, or we off 30 other states in order to get a cool flag
  11. A Concerned Citizen

    Puerto Rico needs to become the 51st State...

    ... Because this flag is just too awesome to pass up. http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/images/u/us-51sta.gif Just look at it! Freaking Awesome.
  12. A Concerned Citizen

    The 2 Sense Show WOOOOT!

    The dude needs to suck down some anti-helium or something. His voice is more unappealing than a porcupine back-fucking a chalkboard.
  13. A Concerned Citizen

    Anyone getting a 3DS

    I'm a bit surprised I'm the only one freaking out by this news. Vidya games? In '3D-3D'? ..and a sequel to Kid Icarus? Materialistic stuff like this makes me love living in the future.
  14. A Concerned Citizen

    Your favorite Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

    There's a reason Hanna-Barbera (particularly the 50s-80s stuff) is associated with the "Dark Ages" of animation.... With this in mind, though, I choose Tom & Jerry, even though that was made by MGM and in spite of the fact that to this very day, I have the hots for Velma. >>; Though, I must...
  15. A Concerned Citizen

    Things you do that you think no one else does.

    Don't you ever call it "Parkour" again. That's a dumb name MTV attached to it to make it sound 2 kewl 4 skool. The correct term is "Free Running" and its awesome. Either way, I've always had this tendency to stand up and run about a little bit during a movie before going to sit back down and...
  16. A Concerned Citizen

    Is PC gaming "back"?

    Let's be honest with each other folks, PC gaming has been on a bit of a down swing since 2005 (interestingly, the same time WoW came out). Anything offered for computer gaming has usually been a console port of sorts that spans across multiple platforms, often with the only advantage being a...
  17. A Concerned Citizen

    <[SHARK WEEK]>

    It's shark week already? Shit. I don't even have my backdrop of the Mayor from Final Fight piling driving a shark as my desktop. I don't even know where I could find it.
  18. A Concerned Citizen

    Unicorns - They were not always prissy little girl things

    ...Why are you Pizza Stalin? That they are. That they are. As for you, OP, blame Disney-ization and start blowing shit up to aid in your cause. Somehow.
  19. A Concerned Citizen

    Best underrated cartoons?

    You have a point.
  20. A Concerned Citizen

    Furry family ;p

    Who is your Daddy? ... Had to ask it. But no, I don't want to be your Daddy or any relative of yours. Get a haircut and a real job. Maybe an MLA handbook.