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  1. shurichan

    Getting into local scene

    Anyone else had problems infiltrating their local furry scenes? Somehow I haven't rly managed to connect with people I've talked online in my smol country's de facto community, even with overlapping other interests On the forums last time there's been talk of my town is years and years ago, and...
  2. shurichan

    Nöff nöff from Finland

    LOL it just finnish fur jargon ^^
  3. shurichan

    Nöff nöff from Finland

    x3 I love the japanese furry twitter
  4. shurichan

    Nöff nöff from Finland

    Ja ja uhhhh Jag gillar läser och turri
  5. shurichan

    Best video game music?

    NFS ProStreet gotta b up there Great atmosphere in that game overall.. but did literally anyone play it tho
  6. shurichan

    Nöff nöff from Finland

    Jee Im 20yo ICT guy and have pretty random hobbies from boating and fishing to cooking and fur stuff Often at werk I have time to just slack off and chat with people lol Recently i've loved racing Assetto Corsa in VR with my Hatsune Miku AMG GT... used to race lot of karting as a kid too shuri#0119
  7. shurichan

    Learning Blender?

    Wew tell me about it Im sorta on same train as you, last week i've gotten into Blender properly myself, mostly to optimize my VRchat avi for Quest standards I think this series has been bretty good for learning some of the basic stuff on the program, also theres lotsa other VRChat specific...
  8. shurichan

    Nöff nöff from Finland

    Hey boss Ive been interested in getting more into the fluffy community I'm here since the finnish fur forums seem pretty dead nowadays, I think ive missed the party there ;__; Ive been enjoying having fluffy fun in VRchat and I bought my own avatar which you can see in my avi~ ..Ive spent too...