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  1. QuickSticks45

    "Check It Out!" Mentions Furries

    Not quite as good as this but I thought that it was entertaining at least
  2. QuickSticks45

    Facebook groups and pages

    Yeah, a buddy of mine thinks i'm going to put the moves on his turtle. I only have one page liked about furries (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Furries/138353956185659?ref=ts) and they're pretty cool about the whole thing, nice and laid back
  3. QuickSticks45

    The fandom

    As being apart of the younger crowd, it is true that growing up with the internet is what brought me to associating with the fandom. Without the internet I wouldn't have know what a furry was, before all i knew was that I liked looney Toons, star fox and drawing characters like that, never knew...
  4. QuickSticks45

    Evacuating of Chicago

    Strange things are afoot at the Circle K
  5. QuickSticks45

    No!!! My childhood!

    Yeah same, even with the god damn safety search on. My friend and I were at school looking up regular show pictures for his Graphic arts project and still, even with safe search on the strictest of filters there was tons and tons of rule 34. I don't want to see Rigby shoving his fist into...
  6. QuickSticks45

    The Most Hilariously Offensive Songs You've Heard.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2zDW9me-IY I know the song was already posted, but I find it more hilarious and offensive in this context
  7. QuickSticks45

    Zzz...*snores*... the sleepiness thread! -.-zzz

    I'm not much of a night Owl seeing as how my body hates me and never allows me to sleep in ;~; 1.) Most I ever stayed up was for a 24 hour period just so I could say that I stayed up a whole day 2.) Longest I slept was like 10 hours or something lame 3.) Weirdest place I ever feel was a Kid Rock...
  8. QuickSticks45

    Furries who hate the fandom

    There are defiantly a lot of sick fucks in the world, again not all are in this fandom alone, but they should keep their debauchery to themselves and not drag the fandom down with them. Yet unfortunately everyone's actions affect the community in the eyes of those who witness it. Take for...
  9. QuickSticks45

    how to create a character of my own?

    Oh god, it's like he took all the leftover parts of other works in order to make that
  10. QuickSticks45

    Just how furry are you?

    Can we start a pissing match of who's the furriest? because I would find that to be rather amusing
  11. QuickSticks45

    What do you do that makes you a furry?

    What makes me a furry is that I draw anthros, Day Dream, talk on here (hardly), and look at the art work. It's just something that's there for me when I'm bored like any other hobby, except my friends use it as a way to hassle me XD
  12. QuickSticks45

    what is the one thing you couldn't live without?

    My penis, I love that thing :v
  13. QuickSticks45

    How do you combat boredom?

    I combat boredom like I combat those god damn commies that are trying to take my second amendment rights away, with my gun! HELL YEAH! AMURRRIKKAAAAAAAAAA!!!
  14. QuickSticks45


  15. QuickSticks45

    Ambition (or lack thereof)

    What I want to do? well I want to be a Master Thief. Although seeing as how thievery is looked down upon, harshly, and including the fact that I don't posses the ability to free-run, pick locks, or the will to actually kill someone I guess I'll just be a Graphic Designer, or journalist, or...
  16. QuickSticks45

    What are your favorite MMO's?

    oh jeez, the last four i've played were Megaten: Online (Imagine online is the same), D.C. Universe Online, Star Trek Online, and Aion
  17. QuickSticks45

    No!!! My childhood!

    Nothing's sacred anymore, everything's free game to corrupt and the most pure it is the more fun it is to ruin. That's just how things work in these parts.
  18. QuickSticks45

    Stupidest thing you have done recently.

    Couple on months ago. had a blowgun with a thumb tack also had an old can of coke. i was in my room and i wanted to shot shit. me not thinking in the clearest of mind thought that the metal can could stand up against the thumb tack. I shot the can and it shot the tack out along with a high...
  19. QuickSticks45

    Little things that blow your mind

    Dude same here, i get that feeling before. I've had it where i knew about an exact place like i've been there before but there was no way that i've been with in ten miles of the place :o
  20. QuickSticks45

    The Dreams Megathread

    I always get some messed up dreams, One time i had a dream where there was a zombie outbreak all over the place but nobody really cared and life was normal but with zombies. That day i woke up and remembered that this game that i wanted to get came out that day and i went to the garage for the...