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  1. Laini

    Anyone having problems with FA?

    I know FA goes down a lot but doing hourly backups seems excessive. I can't recall the last time FA had any data loss. You could probably theoretically do it, but why put your servers under that kind of load unecessarily?
  2. Laini

    Anyone having problems with FA?

    I asked someone about that and the reply they gave me was that would be fairly standard practice for a site with FA's users. If you backup too regularly you just incur lag and/or downtime.
  3. Laini

    Why is the site Down This time?

    As someone else said, it's been a few hours. Yeah it's annoying that the site goes down so frequently but it's hardly the end of the world. Don't you have anything else to do instead of sit here whining every 15 minutes that it's not back up?
  4. Laini

    The "Google meme"

    The thing I found weird was on FA's Twitter they posted a status about it https://twitter.com/furaffinity/status/546314531832889344 Also, a polite reminder regarding the "Google Meme" - reposting/editing copyright works is not permitted on the site. They will be removed. They can't do it now...
  5. Laini

    A commission of mine was traced, what should I do?

    I don't want to name any names at this point (and I'm sure I'd get in trouble if I did anyway) but I recently discovered a commission I bought a couple of months back was traced from a photograph. It wasn't just used as a reference, this is a definite trace. I've made a post to Artists...
  6. Laini

    And they're back.

    Amazing isn't it? Hmm, well this is FA we're talking about so I suppose not actually.