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  1. Kuekuatsheu

    Blizzcon and WoW: MISTS OF PANDARIA

    They are. But well, most of my tries were a pain in the ass because the PTRs are full of premades who don't have any idea how to play that class. "Hello, I'm a Arcane Mage with Molten Armor giving no Focus Magic and I'm spamming Arcane Blast to 0 Mana, then stand around for the rest of the...
  2. Kuekuatsheu

    Smashing some Bros!

    Luigi, Peach, Zelda, Fox as mains, sometimes I use Mario, Bowser, Toon Link and Lucas too. Any legit tourney stage goes for me, and no items.
  3. Kuekuatsheu

    Foxes Minecraft Server ( foxescraft.com )

    It's k sweety, I'm not going to flamewar with you because I got better things to do right now. I just wanted to point out how stupid you sounded on page 1, flaming members and even a mod without reason. I know you can do better than just a "NO U" :<
  4. Kuekuatsheu

    my homey here lick on a trick for a Rolex and let me try the four next Now the fly

    Re: my homey here lick on a trick for a Rolex and let me try the four next Now the fl Looks like one of those awful nonsense games on Newgrounds. It probably is. Is it?
  5. Kuekuatsheu

    Foxes Minecraft Server ( foxescraft.com )

    Eh wot? I've never tried to be entertaining, if you're only acting like a douchebag to harvest flames, then something in your live went terribly wrong. Besides that fact, you're calling my insult "highly predictable" and thus "not entertaining", while your flame attempts were the worst I've read...
  6. Kuekuatsheu

    Foxes Minecraft Server ( foxescraft.com )

    1) You're a douchebag 2) You're a douchebag. I don't like douchebags. 3) Oh and, you're a douchebag Yes, what did you expect what kind of members do you get when posting on this forum? Questions being repeated over and over only shows how bad your FAQs and Autoreply system is. Use your fucking...
  7. Kuekuatsheu

    Foxes Minecraft Server ( foxescraft.com )

    I'd never join a server with a mod (or whatever you are on the server) like you on it. Well, isn't that, like, YOUR JOB AS A MOD?! Even if there are several questions which are repeated over and over, there are still dumbshits who can't read your faqs or whatever. Bitches don't know 'bout better...
  8. Kuekuatsheu

    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS - Should it happen?

    You shouldn't have done that...
  9. Kuekuatsheu

    Monster Hunter Tri!

    I've done it at the third time. I accidently killed him the second time tho xD Make sure you have anough Tranq bombs with ya, and take a second trap with ya
  10. Kuekuatsheu

    Monster Hunter Tri!

    Awesome game, I must say.
  11. Kuekuatsheu

    Who would you go gay/straight for?

    I'd go straight for Haley Williams...
  12. Kuekuatsheu

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    World Of Warcraft Mario Kart Wii Pokemon SoulSilver and sometimes TF2
  13. Kuekuatsheu

    How would you describe yourself politically?

    I'm part of the I-don't-fucking-care party btw didn't we have this kind of topic like... a billion times?
  14. Kuekuatsheu

    What's Your Favorite JRPG? (That isn't Final Fantasy)

    Tales of Symphonia heh well, that's my only JRPG I own...
  15. Kuekuatsheu

    Any Instrument Players?

    I already knew before clicking on the thread that 80% would play guitar/bass. <_< I play Tenor Saxophone for 8 years now.
  16. Kuekuatsheu

    World of Warcraft

    God damnit alliance faggots... Emerald Dream-EU, Haiyandragon lvl 80 Tauren Druid, currently healing but my feral set will be complete soon :3 Some of my other alts: Vandoren lvl 71 Orc Huntress on Emerald Dream Timpani lvl 72 Troll Shaman, Nozdormu Kendrà lvl 75 Draenei Priest, Forscherliga...
  17. Kuekuatsheu

    Star Fox - I've always wondered what would happen if Panther was a female instead.

    Re: Star Fox - I've always wondered what would happen if Panther was a female instead What the hell, Wolfox, what the hell...
  18. Kuekuatsheu

    Mario Kart Wii codes and stuff

    http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=33877&highlight=Mario+Kart derp
  19. Kuekuatsheu

    If you have Wow

    What level were they? 30? 40? lol I have a life... WHAT NOW??? yadayadayada we ALL know you dislike every game that's popular.