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  1. arcticsilver

    Your State's Signature Food

    I only like cold cheese when I'm drinking or when I'm in the mood for it. It more of a texture thing.
  2. arcticsilver

    Your State's Signature Food

    That looks like a tasty meal.
  3. arcticsilver

    Your State's Signature Food

    So I was wondering what is your states signature food that sets you out from others. I am from New Jersey and we have a food that goes by at least two names. It goes by Pork Roll and Taylor Ham. I can only describe it as a thinly cut piece of salty bacon with a texture to it. It has gotten to...
  4. arcticsilver

    Furry Comics on B&N Nook store

    On a side note the piece in question was so bad that i don't care that i wasted the 3 bucks on it.
  5. arcticsilver

    Furry Comics on B&N Nook store

    After looking back on what i typed I have to agree with you there. It was rushed because a teacher was buzzing by me.
  6. arcticsilver

    Furry Comics on B&N Nook store

    I was browsing through the Nook store and found a furlike comic here. I was wondering if anyone else has found other on there. I'm tempted to use a creidt i have on my account to get this to do some type of review? I would like your opion my fellow furs.
  7. arcticsilver

    Aparently I'm Dragoneer. O.o

    Apperntly I am a toaster so who wants some toast.
  8. arcticsilver

    The dumbest thing you've ever done

    Recently relized that i put speakers in the wrong way my left and right are so miked up right now ahhhhhh.
  9. arcticsilver

    Wal-Mart Worker Furs

    I work in the Food department with the candy and other dry goods. I get a lot of people right now that get pissed at me because in most of NJ you can't sell booze anywhere that is not on a street corner shopping strip. Or the best part is when they ask for milk and their staring right at it...
  10. arcticsilver

    Wal-Mart Worker Furs

    I was wondering how many furs out there in this vast fandom work for the devil in blue with the wierd star logo aka Wal-mart?
  11. arcticsilver

    Hello Ads

    Or Google Chrome
  12. arcticsilver

    Something about our justice system

    Tell them you will vote guily no matter what lol. If your in school tell them that that has worked for me 5 times already includeing the state supreme court
  13. arcticsilver

    What would you do if there was a rocking chair in your room

    I would rock the night away.
  14. arcticsilver

    Wii U?

    Finally HD and a hardrive for storage.
  15. arcticsilver


    They are delicious.
  16. arcticsilver

    AMERICANS: Are you competent with the metric system?

    I have been noticing on random things that the imperial measurements that are usably in parentheses are not on bottle at work. Me personaly I can figure out between both easily in the furry brain of mine since i hat to take a science class in college.
  17. arcticsilver

    How long did it take?

    Became aware of furrines around 2004 ish when searching for renamon pics and found something i did not expect. Then through some researching found the fa and other sites. I was furry for a long time but did not know it at the time. Really got into it in 2006 at college where i meet my mate...
  18. arcticsilver

    Why not just call furry a fetish?

    Like some fandoms out there also.
  19. arcticsilver

    The Nazis were gay!

    Control the gays, control the world? *Goes of to think*