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  1. Rustic Fox Akio

    Furries fail at having respectable jobs :U

    I work for a game development company called Phantom Play. Also work at a gas station for extra money. Since I can make my own hours for the first one, the second one is a nice little extra boost. :)
  2. Rustic Fox Akio

    Air Brushing Fur

    Would using an Air Brush to dye fur be a good idea? I have a bunch of little color changes that I'd much rather air brush on rather than cut out little pieces and hope for the best. If it works, it works, but... just asking...
  3. Rustic Fox Akio

    Need Help Finding Fur!!!

    Neither one of you are the least bit helpful. The point of asking here is so that I can get advice from someone who has actually used the fur before so I have some kind of idea of what I'm getting.
  4. Rustic Fox Akio

    Need Help Finding Fur!!!

    I'm about to make my fursona into a fursuit. I need a helluvalotta white fur. I want to know where, online, can I purchase high quality White fur. Light Creme would also suffice. Also, would air brushing be a good way to dye the fur? Also, if you are just going to be a douche, don't bother...
  5. Rustic Fox Akio

    Pokemon D/P/PL players! I am searching for something.

    I'd like to get my hands on a shiny vulpix if anyone has one. Lower level preferable. I'm afraid I don't have much to offer as trade, but post your request, and if reasonable, I'll look for it on my D/P/PL games. Thank you!
  6. Rustic Fox Akio

    Scariest Game you've played recently?

    Psh, yer not a dork. No worries. x3
  7. Rustic Fox Akio

    Scariest Game you've played recently?

    Not really scary, more... shocking and jumpy: Silent Hill 3. Oh god, its so much fun. :D I really wanna play F.E.A.R. 2 though. Dx I want a REALLY scary name. Not a.... kinda scary game.....
  8. Rustic Fox Akio

    Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

    Yeah. The swordmaster's crit is simlar to the one as yer icon, right? (Can't really tell atm. But that was my favorite, besides Lynn's crit with Sol Katti.
  9. Rustic Fox Akio

    A bit of an odd question...

    The only body "mod" I have is my collar... and that isn't even a mod. It's an add-on.
  10. Rustic Fox Akio

    Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

    Okay, I'm going to post a rage I just had with this game. In the game, there are arenas you can fight and gain XP from. Well, max leveled two units... and the third one dies without my stupid ass saving the game mid-level. Spent about an hour and a half doing this, over 100 turns taken...
  11. Rustic Fox Akio

    Could someone kindly explain the whole collar thing?

    Ouch, dude. Harsh. But I did lol.
  12. Rustic Fox Akio

    Starting WoW again <.<;

    I play on Gnomeregan and am an officer in my guild... if you decide to join Gnomer, send me a tell. my character name is Odd.
  13. Rustic Fox Akio

    Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

    So, okay, this game gave me a hand orgasm within the first ten minutes of playing it. I wonder... does anyone else have this game? If so, wanna share friend codes? Name: RFAkio FC: 2192-3224-0321 Platform: NDS Shadows are gathering... Discover the origins of the Fire Emblem Saga! -Assemble...
  14. Rustic Fox Akio

    What Furry am I?

    ........ So I take this quiz... And I saw one answer was "Hey sexy, wanna yiff?" I laughed out loud and choose my answer (which was not that answer, thats just dumb.) and I still got: You are a Fox! Sexy, confident, and maybe even a bit over the top, foxes are popular and just plain HOT...
  15. Rustic Fox Akio

    Introduce your Fursona!!!

    Name: Akio Blackwing Occupation: Retail (for now) LIkes: Video games, anime, cuddling, food, alcohol, laughing, movies, chasing cars, showers, and duct tape. Dislikes: church, liars, ignorant people, news media, being dirty. Pet peeves: nails on chalk board, being lied to, being called into...
  16. Rustic Fox Akio

    What Pokemon are you?

    Been a Ninetales fan since the release of the original 151 pokemon. So I'ma say Ninetails.
  17. Rustic Fox Akio

    Collars and subtle hints.

    I agree oh so much. I almost lust for the day when I'm approached and asked that very question.
  18. Rustic Fox Akio

    How many times has your fursona changed?

    Yeah, I know. I don't often do this, so forgive my f-epic ailures here. >>;