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  1. Evel Kniegro

    Furry video games (no, no <insert Japanese name>mimi here please)

    Re: Furry video games (no, no <insert Japanese name>mimi here please) Yo, extra shout out for Conker's Bad Fur Day, though the Xbox version is censored shit. Play the N64 original and get ready for six kinds of awesome.
  2. Evel Kniegro

    Oblivion Tales

    Did I have fun in Oblivion today? Neigh! NSFW http://img376.imageshack.us/my.php?image=neighze2.jpg NSFW ...What? She was totally giving me the eye.
  3. Evel Kniegro

    What MMO should I play?

    Screw those games, play EQ2! The PvP servers suck the crust off a goat's balls, but the PvE is great, half the races are anthro and it has an enormous pile of lore and storyline if that's your kind of thing. There's also a furry chat channel, a fur guild run by the...
  4. Evel Kniegro

    EverQuest 2?

    What a great post Virus thanks for helping us tell the board where to find furries in EQ2.
  5. Evel Kniegro


    Hi, I'm Zack. I am a Goon. I like badgers and posting drunk on Youtube. I was here for a while on another account but I'm tired of its gimmick so here's the real McCoy. Lavish upon me your affection and female badgers.
  6. Evel Kniegro

    MMORPGs - I'm at my wit's end

    Goonfleet '08: Year Of The Bland It means he's a cranky kitty. ...And a complete retard for continuing to play 007 for what's rapidly turning into BoB 2.0 when he could be being powerlevelled in Everquest RIGHT THIS MINUTE.
  7. Evel Kniegro

    MMORPGs - I'm at my wit's end

    Hell, tell him it's six hours and the old players have to do it too so he'll drop the pew-pew nonsense and come play EQ2 with me. Smell the coffee, you obstreperous fuzzball: the swarm is half pubbies now including the director (LAFFO), there hasn't been decent drama since Remedial left, and...
  8. Evel Kniegro

    EverQuest 2?

    Sorry for the thread necro, but speaking as the 'still addicted friend' I need to note that while furs do infest Unrest the Unrest guild is not a furry guild. On the other hand, if there are people yakking in guk.furry, odds are it's people from Unrest.