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  1. LiesAreForever

    Your opinion on trolls, and trolling?

    Well, they make crossing bridges reeeeeally hard. *bah-dum tisssssh!* [cue crickets]
  2. LiesAreForever

    Requesting a bit of assistance!

    Hiyo! Alrighty! Being the lazy bastard that I am, I'm gonna ask this, 'cause I don't feel like looking for myself: If it's not too much trouble, could I get a few suggestions of good, happy, romance anime, along the lines of something like Chobits or Lovely Complex? A happy ending is very...
  3. LiesAreForever

    Furries at School.

    Nup, not that I know of. Tried to convince mah bestestest friend to give it a try. c.c Didn't work... though I think she just forgot about it. Wouldn't surprise me. :3
  4. LiesAreForever

    Political correctness: nay or yay?

    Yay! ^.^ *clapclapclapclap*
  5. LiesAreForever

    Political correctness: nay or yay?

    Can I, too? ;p
  6. LiesAreForever

    Political correctness: nay or yay?

    [I decided to delete this.]
  7. LiesAreForever

    Political correctness: nay or yay?

    Do you think political correctness is a good thing? My opinion: In short, no. To expand, very no. Film at six.
  8. LiesAreForever

    Band or artist of the moment?

    Alright, I've got three at the moment: 1. The Flashbulb's "Soundtrack to a Vacant Life." (I don't know what the hell genre it is. Like, everything.) Over an over and over and over. WoooOOOoooOOOooo. 2. Sufjan Stevens's "Illinoise." (Folk rock.) The entire album is great, but...
  9. LiesAreForever

    If you were a fur...Would you wear a collar?

    Haha, of course. Hell, I wear one already. ^.^ I'd post a picture of its awesome sexiness, but I'm too much of a lazy bastard to go through all the work of actually taking a picture of it or anything.
  10. LiesAreForever

    How can I find out if one of my friends is a furry without raising suspicion?

    Well, I don't know about him, but I know I likes 'em. XD ^o^ Other than that, I have nothing to say.
  11. LiesAreForever

    You just can't resist...

    Ahh, I see... ...Heehee. Its name?
  12. LiesAreForever

    You just can't resist...

    Yes. ^.^ Very yes. And I don't get the reference. T.T
  13. LiesAreForever

    You just can't resist...

    Glee! ^.^ So, so true. <3
  14. LiesAreForever

    You just can't resist...

    Heehee. ^.^ Girlyboi skunks and and felines: Yum. Especially in miniskirts: Rawr. ^o^ What I don't like? Hummhummhumm... It would be equines and bovines: Eek. >.>;;
  15. LiesAreForever

    A good skunky-type tail?

    Awesome, I'll check that out. ^.^
  16. LiesAreForever

    A good skunky-type tail?

    I was wondering if there was anywhere I could have a good skunk tail made, preferably rather poofy. ^.^ If anybody out there has any recommendations, that would be awesome. ^o^
  17. LiesAreForever

    Antifurry coalition?

    *twitch* Wut? ... ... ... ... ... ... AHAHAHAHAHA! Hee-larious. ~Raine
  18. LiesAreForever

    Serious Question

    Myself, I'm bisexual with a major preference for dudes, and of those dudes I prefer the girly ones. As for the whole flamboyance thing? I only realized I acted like that after I was told by someone else. ~Raine
  19. LiesAreForever

    Would you die to save 100 people?

    Well, you know why Saskatchewan's so windy, don't you? It's 'cause Manitoba sucks and Alberta blows. ^.~ 'Salright. I luvs you guys. Sorta. ~Raine