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  1. Os

    Technique - What to do?

    Two words: Brush stabalizer. If you're using Sai, try using an ink layer and setting the brush stabalizer on the top bar at s-1 or s-3.
  2. Os

    Trying to learn to draw

    If you're still into youtube tutorials, definitely check out Proko www.youtube.com: Proko if you're on the more human end of the spectrum, anatomically. I know I like to toss on one of his videos for noise when I'm brushing up on the basics again.
  3. Os

    Helpful or Neat Art Websites

    www.youtube.com: Proko Not a website per se, but Proko is definitely very helpful in terms of anatomy.
  4. Os

    What are some stream sites that allows +18, art, and XSplit?

    I use www.tigerdile.com for the community aspect of it. I tend to get more walk-in traffic there. However, www.picarto.tv allows it just fine as well. I also have to say that the paid version of xsplit [15.00 every three months] is totally worth it for improved resolution in your stream...
  5. Os

    Suggestions for Art Supplies?

    My weapons of choice are copic marker and airbrush system with multiliner ink on crescent rendr multimedia paper. I highly recommend this paper to any marker artist as long as you don't mind a slight off-white to your background. But I get around that easily with some copic opaque pigment and...
  6. Os

    Street Fighter + General Fighting Games.

    I do like some Saikyo, though my favorite has to be the dual crane/mantis style of Gen. If any of you are up to throw down on steam sometime, just add me! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041100012/
  7. Os

    Ever feel like you have to many games?

    I am not required to many games at all!
  8. Os

    5 Favourite Video Game Characters

    1. Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate!â„¢ - Monkey Island series 2. Kefka Palazzo - Final Fantasy VI 3. Claire Redfield - Resident Evil series 4. Gen - Street Fighter series 5. Lee Everett - The Walking Dead
  9. Os

    What is your earlist memory of playing videogames?

    I remember tearing up some Lode Runner on good ol' C64. I'm still trying to get mine up and running again and not doing so is really bumming me out. I could go for some good old SSI games again.
  10. Os

    Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition [Steam edition]

    I've been looking for some legit competition for some time, and I didn't see a thread about this, so... Let's get a windows live username thread going for SSFIVAE competition! LIVE ID: Oskitty Feel free to add me, I'd be happy to spar sometime!
  11. Os

    Pokemon XY Tournament!

    If I'm free, count me in! Just note me on my FA page beforehand. I've been doped up on painkillers for my tooth, so I might forget. www.furaffinity.net/user/Os
  12. Os

    Tabletop gaming.

    I'm actually getting a local group together with a few newbie players and a couple of seasoned veterans. Feel free to note me on FA if you want any pointers I can offer. www.furaffinity.net/user/Os
  13. Os

    I'm stepping back into the auction game!

    I'm throwing my hat back into the ring for auctions and I'm starting it off with several original, traditional pieces, most of which, if not all are not work safe. Feel free to check it out, or even pass the link along! http://www.furbuy.com/seller/Os1248.html There really isn't much else...
  14. Os

    Anybody down for some fighting in the streets on PC?

    sorry. arcade edition.
  15. Os

    Anybody down for some fighting in the streets on PC?

    It seems no matter where else I go, I only seem to find people who want to tell me that they either don't have the game, or have it on a different platform. I'm not looking for that here. I'd like to actually get a few rounds in with somebody that isn't some random, lame fireball tossing...
  16. Os

    What have you submitted to FA recently?

    well, i threw another NSFW submission up last night. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6805225 there ya' go.
  17. Os

    Your first job..

    Vinyl signs and detailing.
  18. Os

    Obscure Movie Reccomendations

    "Caveman" Starring Ringo Starr. 'Nuff said.
  19. Os

    A Super Street Fighter IV sporting competitor thread

    Since my roommate moved out, I have no way to play Super Street Fighter IV 3D or to play Arcade Edition on Steam except for online matches against random people. I'll give you one guess what's come of that, especially with the addition of the lite controls to 3DS. This thread is here for...
  20. Os

    Butterfly Knives

    I got mine because I wanted an easy to use utility knife that I could simple draw and put away with one hand. The flipping and tricks came later. If you've got a huge budget, I'd say go with a Benchmade, preferably a model 42. Though, watch out for your local laws on spring assisted latches...