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  1. RobotOcelot

    Robo Character

    I wanted to know if there were any artists out there interested in drawing a robot character, more particularly my robot ocelot Nyxem. I'm looking for something that ranges from a sketchy bust to possibly a full color half body if you're up for it. Of course, I'd like to exchange with someone...
  2. RobotOcelot


    Thanks much, guys! can't get enough of those robots. I'm still filling out my gallery, but there will always be more automatons.
  3. RobotOcelot


    Hello, I am new. I'm... actually not quite used to making posts like these, so I'm a little awkward to start, uhh... Hi, I'm Ebony. I've known about FA for a while, but finally decided to come check it out. But anyway, let's see. I enjoy drawing very much. I used to do a lot of anthro art, but...