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  1. Daryx

    Tell me why I have to tolerate furries.

    This is got to be the funniest shit I've seen on this site in a while. What are you even doing here, op? Most trolls couldn't find this site with both pa-er hands... Are you a furry?
  2. Daryx

    Well i finally slipped up...

    Boobs. OP, I think that if you had not been so secretive then maybe it wouldn’t seem so weird for everyone else when they found out. I don’t hide the fandoms I’m in from anyone.
  3. Daryx

    Let's talk about electronic cigarettes

    You don't inhale, do you?
  4. Daryx

    What got you into the furry fandom?

    I have always been interested in anthropomorphic stuffs (Disney, Star Fox, Sonic, etc). My first run in with the fandom was when I saw a group of fursuiters in downtown Salt Lake City when I was 10. I thought it was cool, but I never thought much more of it. Then a couple years later I was...
  5. Daryx

    Second Life Usernames

    I have seen this thread numerous times and I can't think of a good excuse why I haven't put my username here yet. username: daroavix, Name: DaryxFox I'm rarely on anyway :/ Edit: aaand I just realized this thread hasn't been updated in three years....
  6. Daryx

    Odd things you have in your wallet...

    Does the lack of something count as odd, 'cause I have no money... The strangest things I have in mine are two Namco Midnight Maximum Tune cards (arcade saved games), a Ralts Pokémon card, and MicroSD card and adapter. The normal things are my ID (card and some other personal documents), some...
  7. Daryx

    What people think furry means.

    That sounds a lot like my friends (who are mostly anime fans)...
  8. Daryx

    Broken CTRL V feature

    Hm. Well, I just tested Livestream, and they use HTML and JavaScript for chat, so Flash Player® isn't a problem like I'd thought. I can paste into the chat window on Livestream using IE, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows® and Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera on OS X. What browser and OS are you...
  9. Daryx

    Broken CTRL V feature

    What exactly are you trying to copy and paste, and from where to where? You need to be more specific. Have you tried Copy / Paste from the context (right-click) menu, or from the Edit menu? Does that work? If your trying to copy or paste to or from an Adobe Flash Player® applet, then that...
  10. Daryx

    Webcomic List thread

    Might I suggest putting "review" in the title, or "my opinion" somewhere so as not to imply that your opinion is fact (as you have).
  11. Daryx

    I need some advice

    My elderly parents and I are in a pretty bad jam. I'll start from the beginning. My father got laid off from his job a few months ago, and we moved in with some family out in the middle of no where. That's problem because we have had no way to get to work, despite several openings in surrounding...
  12. Daryx

    Furry(ish) android/iphone game - Happy Street

    My point is that who something's made by, the target audience, etc. doesn't determine what it is and who it appeals to. In the sentence from my previous post that you bolded, I used the word 'furry' to mean the exact same thing as anthropomorphic, but with implication that it appeals to members...
  13. Daryx

    Furry(ish) android/iphone game - Happy Street

    I'm pretty sure the OP means "furry" as in anthropomorphic (i.e. "talking animals"), not specifically related to the fandom. All anthropomorphic things, by definition, are assumed to appeal to the furry fandom, whether it was created for that purpose or not. EDIT: Apparently, some furries on...
  14. Daryx

    Furry(ish) android/iphone game - Happy Street

    I have played Happy Street (the Mac version), and, aside from some interface issues specific to that port, I kinda liked it... Until I realized how much Flooz you need relative to how much you get for free. That being said, the only problem I have with the game is that it is a "freemium" game...
  15. Daryx

    Entirely inappropriate shit you think.

    Someone needs to make furry version of Jerry Springer. It would ALWAYS have content...
  16. Daryx

    Wings on non-winged species?

    I think I'm just going to abandon this thread.
  17. Daryx

    Wings on non-winged species?

    You see, I wasn't really looking for an opinion as for whether or not I should add wings to my character; rather, I wanted to discuss wings in general.
  18. Daryx

    Entirely inappropriate shit you think.

    I have an incredibly fast "that's what she said" reflex. In other words, if someone says something worthy of said response, I'm usually the first to think "that's what she said"... and I either say it out loud, or start laughing inappropriately. Sometimes I just imagine what I would do to...
  19. Daryx

    Wings on non-winged species?

    I know that there are a few non-winged species furries (wolves, foxes, etc) that have wings. In searching the forums before make this thread, I found another thread discussing the preferred style of wings in this case. It turned out that the best style is that which adds extra limbs...
  20. Daryx

    Android Artist Donation App

    A database app seems pretty doable, except that I would not support an Android-only app.