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  1. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Against The Grain: Furs Who Break The Stereotypes

    theyer nuts! XD ok i know that was dumb but i couldnt help it
  2. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    How big is your anthro/furry/yiff folder?

    think i got like 150 mb or sumthing. might be more though. dont even look at it that often lol
  3. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    SL contact addon

    i actually really like that idea. i posted a thread on a different site a while back asking for names. i was excited about it, but wen you start to meat too many people, you wind up being stuck in IM like teh whole friggin time lol
  4. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Worst Game Endings of ALL Time?

    im actually really surprised anyone was able to play trough that nightmare. i know its just a game but ive never been so scared playing a video game
  5. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Worst Game Endings of ALL Time?

    Halo 2 F.E.A.R. (scary ass game tho O.o) Sonic the Hedgehog (next gen) omg and Army of Two pissed me off so bad
  6. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Trying to keep with the times

    damn that sucks, kinda wanted to see it, oh well
  7. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Do you like animals?

  8. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Do you like animals?

    this is a dumb question that makes me feel dumb and probably makes me look stupid, buuuuuut wouldnt the fourth and the fifth selection be pretty much the same? just curious,its one of those things where you have to know otherwise its going to drive you insane
  9. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Any Ps3 online gamers?

    hmm, GTA has online? might check that out. oh, duh, COD, i forgot about that one
  10. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Any Ps3 online gamers?

    wat are the good online games btw? i havent had online play for very long and the only games i got is resistance and bad company. know any other good online ones?
  11. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Any Ps3 online gamers?

    hey! sorry if this has been already posted. just lookin for online Ps3 gamers out there. wats your username? mines Tesune. and wat type of games do most furs usually play btw? i know theres a probably a stereotype for everything furs do in life lol
  12. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Against The Grain: Furs Who Break The Stereotypes

    well im a wolf, and a stereotype ive noticeed is that wolves are considered dominant for sum reason. well im extremely submissive, feminine at that, my fursona is as well. (my fursona is me basically, just as a wolf fur). yea, im ver loyal and work hard to keep myfriends happy. i dont think im a...
  13. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Do you like animals?

    well, i never used to be into animals as pets until i met my dog. my family has had pets before, but i never really grew an attachment to them. my dog Martin is a different story, i grew this special bond or somthing with him, and now we're inseprable. i cant imagine life without him or have...
  14. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    What weapon does your fursona use?

    haha :3 i would actually get a kick outta that
  15. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    What Constitutes 'Furry'?

    id have to agree with most in that if someone were to see themselves as an animal, or somehoe be attracted to antro art, would make them a fur. anything having to do with the fandom i believe would make someone a fur, but only if they are comfortable enough with them selves to undergo the label...
  16. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    It's like having a furry kid that does't speak.

    ive always believed that all animals should live naturally, meaning not having their lives corrupted by humans. now, somtimes animals need help because something human created threatens the existence of that animal. i look at that as trying to fix their mistake. so yea, i dont think i like this idea
  17. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Random Furry Sightings

    i was at the bart station (like the subway) and this guy had on a reallly nice collar, so i walked up and was like nice collar. he was like "thanks", i was like "whered you get it?" then he was like "the collar factory". by then i was like holy shit O.o this guy is a fur. so i asked him where he...
  18. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    Good or Evil?

    i would say evilish, but mostly good because of the subbyness, but tends to be devious wen hes feeling comfortable
  19. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    If oneday we were all turned into furrs by some magical powers what would you do?

    i would probably wear slutty clothes, shit wait....i already do that. um....id proly go find my mate and be with him, that would be the dream hehe. oh and id probably run around naked alot O.o
  20. Tesune Nyghtwolf

    What weapon does your fursona use?

    oh? and wat would that be?