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  1. alunatear

    Word association

  2. alunatear

    Never have I ever

    I have! I live on a mountain never have I ever been to the Far East
  3. alunatear

    What was the last thing you ate?

    Made some pork chops and wedges it was pretty nice!
  4. alunatear

    New furrrrrr

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone <3
  5. alunatear

    New furrrrrr

    AHHHH thank you so much ;w;
  6. alunatear

    New furrrrrr

    Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to the community I'm an artist and I love making characters and illustrations! I hope I'll fit right in here :3 this is my fursona, Mio:
  7. alunatear

    Show me your art!

    Hello! i'm very new to the fur community but I'd really like to share my love for art and creating characters with everyone, this is my OC Mio