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  1. Grae Sparrowkin

    Saltwater suit

    Again, everyone has been saying fleece with a resin mask. A) Fleece is harder to ruin than pile-fur. B) Resin won't cause as much mold (Hopefully) C) unless you are going to take a super-beating with the water this wog, go with a latex prosthetic on your face. You could be a fish or octopus...
  2. Grae Sparrowkin

    New here since yesterday.

    Welcome. Please read the rules and stickies all the way through before posting, and take the time to lurk. It's funny you mention that we are kind and welcoming... we really are a bunch of rabid beasts, mind you. Please leave any butthurt or bawwing at the door, get your rabies vaccinations...
  3. Grae Sparrowkin

    A tiger says hello from the Black Forrest

    Willkommen! Bitte durch die Hausordnung und "stickies" lesen! Oh, and remember that you are human, not a tiger! ;) Your fursona is the tiger. (I took 3 years of German in high school, so I am a tad rusty. Forgive me.)
  4. Grae Sparrowkin

    hobbies :3

    Aside from Furrystuffs I like these things: Taxidermy, art, reading, and annoying my fiance'. That's about it.
  5. Grae Sparrowkin

    Hello everyone

    Welcome. Read all the rules and stickies before doing much posting. Also, it would be a good idea to lurk awhile so you can see how this forum works and its temperament. Basically, we bite. Figure out how to bite back and/or lash out yourself. Also, we don't do butthurt or bawwing. Again...
  6. Grae Sparrowkin

    What makes your fursona unique?

    The only slightly unique thing about my fursona is her coloration. I think the MOST unique thing about her is that she is not in any way unique and doesn't try to be. I tried "overly unique" before, and it did not get me anywhere. I mean, I had a fricking CACOMISTLE fursona before. Coyotes...
  7. Grae Sparrowkin


    Why are you on this forum? If you are not really going to be cordial then you might want to reconsider. Just read all the rules and lurk awhile. Maybe open up a bit? Welcome.
  8. Grae Sparrowkin

    Hi lol

    I am curious about your country. I should do some research. :grin:
  9. Grae Sparrowkin

    Hi lol

    Ummm... where are you from? If you are American and/or British you should know how to type properly in English (i.e. proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.) and I suggest you do so. People will ridicule you if you do not. Please read all the rules and the stickies, lurk for awhile, and...
  10. Grae Sparrowkin

    Nya....hello >////<

    Hmhm... just lurk awhile to learn the vernacular we speak in. Just read all of the rules and stickies, you will be relatively okay. You might be better than okay if you put away the cuteness and pull out your evil side. We do bite, so be sure to get your rabies shots or drink some of Techno's...
  11. Grae Sparrowkin

    Xenophil's Introduction

    Re: Enhance your male potency by 2000%! Long Slongs today! :D Sadly, this is not a site where fetish is discussed too much, since the rules say it is a PG13 website. So I kindly ask you to put your dick away and show us your brain, no matter how small it is. Please, read all the rules and...
  12. Grae Sparrowkin

    International Fur's

    Kill thread please?
  13. Grae Sparrowkin


    We- oh! Get rid of those *asterisk actions* up there... even if you are raping the forum with them... It's a form of role-playing, ya know, and we do not role-play on this site. Read the rules and stickies, lurk, and have fun. Welcome.
  14. Grae Sparrowkin

    What Japanese people think

    Don't mock the dog-beans. They are essentially FurAffinity, what with their horrible factoids created to piss people off or scare them away... Oh, and "shat" is a very funny verb.
  15. Grae Sparrowkin

    Why are furries exempt from the typical ewww reactions?

    Ummm... No, I am not even gonna speak.
  16. Grae Sparrowkin

    my newest drawing/Tattoo i'm getting!

    OP, I have a couple questions for you. 1) How old are you? 2) Do you understand that people's opinions might not be the same as yours? 3) Where the HELL are you taking art?! 4) What eye-corrective equipment do you wear? 5) What possessed you to want to get that damned scribble forever inked on...
  17. Grae Sparrowkin

    When is lying ok?

    Lying is okay... but if you really want to be sadistic tell the truth constantly.
  18. Grae Sparrowkin

    Hey :)

    Welcome. Like others said, read the rules and stickies, and lurk awhile. Get your rabies shots and leave your B'awwing and butthurt at the door, cause we bite. Tip: Don't post questions unless you have performed a search on the site to make sure that nobody has posted it before. There are lots...
  19. Grae Sparrowkin


    mh.... If I could ever keep a fursona and I could ever get to a scanner... -.-
  20. Grae Sparrowkin

    This is a very fuzzy forum... ; o ;

    Hehe nifty..... Love that word...