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  1. chewycuticle

    Critters that are hard to anthropomorphosise....

    i think its pretty obvious that insects and sea creatures would be the most challenging...and snake. cuz no legs or too many legs and not a lot of differentiation between head and body. but what about other creatures? how about a sexy frog/toad?
  2. chewycuticle

    Women in the fandom

    yea, it does seem that while men take up the majority of the fandom, many of the best artists and fursuit makers (especially) are female (or at least have vaginas)
  3. chewycuticle

    two new furs looking for FC room

    Me and my mate are looking for a room at FC. It's both our first con and I might have a fursuit. We had some unfortunate fallouts with original room plans. We are both responsible, respectable, tidy and drug free (420 friendly and we do smoke the cancer sticks but will keep that outside)...
  4. chewycuticle

    Lubbys First Fursuit Progress

    so i worked on the jaw a bunch trying to make it moveable, took a bunch a pictures and was going to post them...but the jaw ended up not working. so i tore it off (it was too big and not glued in the right spot and i thought it was done for cuz turns out my elastic was too narrow) and then...
  5. chewycuticle

    Advice for my first fur head.

    i bought 24"x24" 1inch thick sheets. and looks like i'll only need a lil over 1 sheet to do a full head
  6. chewycuticle

    Fursuit head help

    ^ agreed. that looks a lot better
  7. chewycuticle

    Lubbys First Fursuit Progress

    here's a shitload of pictures of my foaming process so far. this is the first time i've tried making a fursuit. I still have a ways to go on the head, still has no bottom jaw whats so ever, needs fixing on the muzzle/nose, trimming of ears, and needs back of head. I'm still a little worried the...
  8. chewycuticle

    Latex prosthetics and facepaints acceptable for fursuit?

    it just doesnt come across as fursuit to me, just awesome costume and makeup. and usually pretty creepy looking
  9. chewycuticle

    Fursuit head help

    needs fuller cheeks
  10. chewycuticle

    Fursuit mouth/talking squeaker.

    i bought a big pack of them at a dog show. i THINK they were made by kong. too lazy to go find them and tell you, sorry.
  11. chewycuticle

    Fashion Furries here?

    thanks Rarity
  12. chewycuticle

    ever felt guilty about buying a suit?

    make money, buy it yourself. then you'll know.
  13. chewycuticle

    Furry - A student film

    despite cringing at the suits, and acting, and convention, i thought it was really cute and well done for a student film about furry. i didn't mind the overpowering of furry artwork and such in the guys life cuz was just an 18 minute film after all and they had to get that point across that the...
  14. chewycuticle


    do you think people would be interested in purchasing unfinished sculptures that they could paint themselves?
  15. chewycuticle


    thank you :3
  16. chewycuticle


    more specifically, fancy sculpted PENS!!!! because they are nifty only $20 check um out. you might enjoy a brake from the usual drawing business http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7553313/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7542031/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7578003/...
  17. chewycuticle

    front pocket, or back pocket?

    phone goes in front pocket (and lighter and chapstick) phone goes in boobs when wearing a dress
  18. chewycuticle

    front pocket, or back pocket?

    i kept it in my backpocket for a while since getting this spiffy new wallet with chain.....but then i started carrying this spiffy new purse with me, and due to enjoying comfort and disliking my tight pants feeling even tighter, i know carry my wallet in my purse/bag
  19. chewycuticle

    How many people do you know personally who are in the fandom?

    i used to be acquaintances with a few furries in highschool....aaand the minecraft server i play on is made up of many furries....and a friend that i dont really talk to anymore (unless asking advice on tablets) draws a lot of anthros, though im not sure she is actually into the fandom.....and i...
  20. chewycuticle

    Does this ever happen to you?

    the absolute worst is when you are sleeping and are woken by a wild leg cramp that takes forever to stop. those fuckers HURT and then i am so afraid to stretch my legs after it for fear of another cramp. this head/neck thing doesn't hurt though. just feels like i am jutting my chin out when i...