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  1. TheRH100

    Furry Minecraft Server in need of members. (tons of perks)

    Our website is ZaphCraft.com and we've got a lot of special perks, even for those who first join as members, plus we have a lot of awesome plugins to make use of as a member, and after 1 month of being on the server, anyone can get VIP rank for free. Below is all the stuff about the server in...
  2. TheRH100

    Icon requests

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14419503/ here's me with my wolfy bioluminescencyness
  3. TheRH100

    how fleshed out is your furry world?

    http://www.nationstates.net/nation=zeganas Pretty much.
  4. TheRH100

    How Would a Furry Society Even Work?

    Well let's take a look at what countries would be like and what alliances would exist. I know that foxes would have a fairly well-sized nation that is very technologically advanced, either that or the fox nation would be a loosely knit confederation of different countries (like fennecs, arctics...
  5. TheRH100

    pick-up lines a female dragon would use on a human?

    I don't know, it would probably be the human who makes the first move as seen here. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7716053/ But the female dragon might say "no, you're MY knight in shining armor, not her's!"
  6. TheRH100

    Killing off a fursona

    Well my first fursona, back when I was 8 before I even knew what a fursona was, it was just something like an alter ego or imaginary friend. He is a raccoon who I drew on paper, then one day, I just lost interest. Then after all these years, I decided I would color in a lineart of him and have...
  7. TheRH100

    RP help

    Well sir, wanna know furry RPs, I'm afraid this forum is pg-13 so that's classified as far as this forum goes.
  8. TheRH100

    What music for you while browsing the art?

    or perhaps something like this if you're also in a silly mood :V https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-5ArXBkINk NSFW
  9. TheRH100

    What music for you while browsing the art?

    fitting music? hmmm http://youtu.be/kKuzyO0WykI
  10. TheRH100

    what keeps you from sleeping at night?

    Depression and manic states about what school the following day will bring on my shoulders.
  11. TheRH100

    What do your pants smell like?

    Sweat, crotch, and a tiny hint of washer. I swear to the universe if some fuckup furry is getting off to this..
  12. TheRH100

    What do you think about the yiff side of the fandom?

    You see, roughly 50% of people who first discover the fandom, the ones inevitably dragged into it, are almost perfectly normal people. But as time goes on, that number drops dramatically. Then when the people are weird enough, they are gonna be furries forever, nowhere else to go. It's like one...
  13. TheRH100

    If you died right now, what will they find on your computer?

    A YouTube tab, fur affinity tab, fur affinity forum tab, Skype, civilization v, and maybe gimp. As for files, well, they will probably have committed suicide halfway through. :V
  14. TheRH100

    Basil Brush

    So you mean to tell the forum of the world's largest furry site that out of ALL anthropomorphic foxes that have been made, you choose one that is a sock puppet starring on British children's TV? If I ever find you, I am gonna have to lecture you like a lazy-ass about what's knot and what's not...
  15. TheRH100

    What's the story behind your fursona's name?

    I got the first name from the fact that my real name starts with an R (not sayin' hehe) so that came to my head. Then I thought it would be cool to have a Japanese last name, I was thinking of stuff, then, because of whatever the hell I was on, I use big butt of all combinations of two words...
  16. TheRH100

    Just think....

    I didn't get chocolate, I got a 20 dollar bill for easter. Us canines know how to keep our usually chocolate-covered holidays in check. ;)
  17. TheRH100

    Would you tell your child anything about being a furry?

    Here's my answer. HELL NO until they're mature enough.
  18. TheRH100

    Would you date/marry an anthro?

    Well I would be married to an anthro, if our families hated the fact that we're being severely interspecies, I would have every right to call out about racism, and racism has absolutely no room in our society so yeah.
  19. TheRH100

    So, for real: why?

    Well I'm bi, but that doesn't mean I have to be considered to be chiefly gay. I mean, yeah, I love cocks and shit like that (not literal SHIT) but I've had a girlfriend before and I just recently got together with a girlfriend. I never really had a true boyfriend but something like online furry...
  20. TheRH100

    What is my Fursona?

    Kamikag master race. u are worst otter, u are the otter idiot u r the otter smell, return to croatia, REMOVE OTTER FROM THE PREMISES!