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  1. BogWitchBrew

    Oh, wonderful! I just finished it yesterday and it was such a refreshing read. I hope you enjoy it.

    Oh, wonderful! I just finished it yesterday and it was such a refreshing read. I hope you enjoy it.
  2. BogWitchBrew

    Turning Red

    Man, this movie was a sleeper hit for me. It was so very good. It was refreshing to see a film depict the awkward stages of growing up, the weird fandoms, and the need to please the mom while maintaining a rather loving relationship. I like how the family dynamic is not necessarily cruel, but...
  3. BogWitchBrew

    Netflix ‘The House’ yay/Nay/Meh?

    I absolutely loved it, honestly, but I'm a sucker for good stop motion animation. I loved the themes and symbolism. I think the last one was my favorite and I cried because I'm a dweeb. lol
  4. BogWitchBrew

    What was the last Anime/Show you watched?

    I just finished the latest season of Attack on Titan. I like this anime more than I'd prefer to admit, but the concept is just so great. I'm about to start Assassination Classroom.
  5. BogWitchBrew

    What are you reading?

    I'm currently reading The Wolf in the Whale by Jordanna Max Brodsky. It's a unique book, somewhat of an urban fantasy-esque, but not modern day. It depicts a young, Inuit shaman who is trying to save their family. In their journey, they encounter Vikings and have to essentially work together to...
  6. BogWitchBrew

    Blessed Beltaine to all!

    Blessed Beltaine to all. <3 May the season bring warmth and comfort.
  7. BogWitchBrew

    Good Morning Everybowdy

    Good morning! I'm about to make myself some breakfast and a second cup of coffee. Enjoying the day off and staying home today. Going to work on some laundry and read a lot. It should be nice.
  8. BogWitchBrew

    Movies that traumatized you as a kid

    John Carpenter's "The Thing" scared the absolute shit out of me. Along with "Alien". Now these are two of my favorite films as an adult. lol
  9. BogWitchBrew

    The Witch's Brew

    Giving this a nudge as I have updated it and hope to be more active again. Hello!
  10. BogWitchBrew

    What's your New Years resolution(s)?

    I want to continue working on my fitness and progress in weightlifting. I want to find a taxidermist apprenticeship. I want to continue working on my mental health. I want to pay off my debt and achieve Savings. I want to dedicate more of myself to my spirituality and continue to learn.
  11. BogWitchBrew

    your latest purchase ! :3

    New curtains for my living room! I'm content.
  12. BogWitchBrew

    Vulture Culture Fiends

    Oh, that is awesome! Do you post your photography anywhere? I'd love to see. I am a total bird-nerd.
  13. BogWitchBrew

    Vent Thread

    I appreciate the kind words and encouragement. I work at an animal hospital that takes in a lot of emergencies. Last night was a particularly nasty dog-fight case that kept us after for two hours. It's hard to stomach sometimes and I was hopeful they'd pull through. Earlier in the week, a lady...
  14. BogWitchBrew

    show me pics of your fursona!

    This is one of my favorite pieces by the artist "anoruk" on DeviantArt. Featuring my cat-son, Ser Davos.
  15. BogWitchBrew

    What are some odd things that you do?

    - I collect a lot of dead things. lol Bones, pelts, mummified and wet specimens. - I have a variety of spiders that live in my home; some intentionally as pets, others as just housemates that I name and check in on from time to time. - I talk to my cat. A lot. More than I should. - I get...
  16. BogWitchBrew

    Vulture Culture Fiends

    I wanted to see if anyone else here is involved in collecting, procuring, selling, or working on taxidermy and various vulture-culture themed hobbies! I'm an avid collector of bones, pelts, and specimens. I'm hoping to get into taxidermy moreso in the future once I have the resources and funds...
  17. BogWitchBrew

    Tell me about something good that happened today!

    My husband and I finally got our living room decor up. We moved here in April, the apartment became ours in August, but we had no time to really decorate. I finally got the walls (mostly) painted and now our stuff is up. It's my perfect little woodsy space. It feels good to be "home".
  18. BogWitchBrew

    Whatcha wearing?

    Purple, spider-web designed leggings, an oversized black sweater, a black chocker, and my lavender spell-jar necklace.
  19. BogWitchBrew

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  20. BogWitchBrew

    The Witch's Brew

    My man, you are speaking my language. Haha I'm currently rewatching TNG with my husband (who is a first timer watcher and now obsessed), but my heart lies with DS9. While I adore Picard and Data, I'm a sucker for Kira and Odo. I also really enjoy the intensity of racial and cultural warfare in...