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  1. CaregiverShade

    Have You Ever Suit Swapped?

    Oh wow! That must've been quite the adventure. Great story, thanks for replying! :P
  2. CaregiverShade

    owo Hiya! Thank ya for the follow

    owo Hiya! Thank ya for the follow
  3. CaregiverShade

    Have You Ever Suit Swapped?

    People don't really talk about this concept, but has anyone ever done a "suit swap" with someone? Maybe you wore someone else's fursuit while they wore yours. Or maybe you wore someone's fursuit just to goof off in it (with their permission of course). Or maybe visa versa. And if so what was...
  4. CaregiverShade

    Some solutions for coping with FA being down

    I agree with alot of these people. Perhaps I'll be able to upload daily/weekly with an art and story backlog. XD
  5. CaregiverShade

    I love you too fluffbutt

    I love you too fluffbutt
  6. CaregiverShade

    First fursuit! 0w0

    That suit is so cute!! Very cool reading all the progress posts. Shows just how hard it is to contain excitement for such a fun thing to have. One day~ :'3
  7. CaregiverShade

    Free Art: Your characters with mine NSFW (closed)

    Hewo! Thank you for the oppertunity :3 Here's my kinky boy Shade: www.furaffinity.net: Shade Zebra's ref by TackyFox Could I possibly just get him in a sort of showing off pose like his hands to the side of his hips as he gives a playfully devious/dominant expression with a sheath cock? I...
  8. CaregiverShade

    NSFW/Vore/AB/DL RP?

    I'd be interested in an abdl/nsfw roleplay (or both in the same X3) I'm theRANDOMmind#5855 I can't seem to add you
  9. CaregiverShade

    Discord RP

    Shucks. Sure, I'll send you a friend request.
  10. CaregiverShade

    FREE COMMISSIONS for publicity. Looking to build up portfolio

    I'll send ya a PM! ^^ Thanks for this oppertunity
  11. CaregiverShade

    Looking for some discord RP partner

    I'd be interested in trying something out! I can't help but enjoy a more nsfw kinda story, but kinks don't have to be a main focus. I have a male sona (Shade) I use but do use one or two others depending on if I want to have a bit of a switch up. theRANDOMmind#5855
  12. CaregiverShade

    Discord RP

    I'd be interested! Hit me up at theRANDOMmind#5855 if you'd like. I'm a male switch so I don't mind being a sub if you'd like.
  13. CaregiverShade


    I'd be interested! I have a Riolu sona. Or could just be a regular Lucario or something. theRANDOMmind#5855
  14. CaregiverShade

    Looking for angry sex.

    I could definitely try. X3 Always fun to be a dom once and a while.
  15. CaregiverShade

    Looking for open rpers(Tfs,inflation, etc. kinks)

    I don't have a female character I use sadly..
  16. CaregiverShade

    Roleplay - Open to Anyone

    I'd be interested! Quite a few of these are of my interest lol. Hit me up on discord! theRANDOMmind5855
  17. CaregiverShade

    (Base/YCH) Selling: ($15+ Auction) Diaper Critter Story

    Want your character to be in my story about my "sona" Skull the diaper skunk? Well are you in luck! One character (male) will have the opportunity of being Skull's baby diaper victim. Winner can add in extra stuff ideas into finished story. There is also another slot for a character who turns...
  18. CaregiverShade

    Doc, txt or PDF?

    I use .TXT because I can use it on any writing document program I've got. Plus, when uploading it to FA, people can automatically see the text of the story instead of having to download a file to open up.
  19. CaregiverShade

    writeing ychs

    I have a story ych going on right now. www.furaffinity.net: (Story Auction) Skull's Crinkly Origins by TackyFox It does technically (or will) include transformation in it :3