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  1. Yarra

    You ever like have a crush on someone's stupid ass fursona

    That assumes they're shockingly bad
  2. Yarra

    Cooking Thread

    As a side I boiled pole beans from our garden in water with bacon, garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper tonight.
  3. Yarra

    Fucking Republicans

  4. Yarra

    Which Decade Are You?

    any decade before the shitty politicians in the federal government decided they had to control every aspect of our lives
  5. Yarra

    What do you wear in a heatwave?

    Sleep. But no heatwave in the mid-Atlantic
  6. Yarra

    Where've you been/what did you do this summer?

    Man, I've been working for the weekend all freakin' summer but I did make it down to southern Florida in June for a few days. HOT. In two weeks we're headed to The Outer Banks of NC for a week. Damn sharks.
  7. Yarra

    What value is there to shitposting?

    Shit, I post shit.
  8. Yarra

    What do you think of my Avatar?

    you lack confidence in it
  9. Yarra

    My First Suit Head, Critigues?

    for your first one that's awesome! nice job
  10. Yarra

    Does your Fursona come from Space?

    Nope. Just a wacked out world. Good wacked out.
  11. Yarra

    How to gain weight?

    1. Eat lots of Hot Pockets and McDonalds 2. Drink lots of soda 3. Under any circumstance DO NOT EXERCISE 4. Minimize walking, maximize couch use 5. No smoking or caffeine. These are appetite suppressants; 6. If legal, smoke weed then crush chips and dip. Repeat.
  12. Yarra

    Is fursuiting like blackface

    Your girlfriend is an idiot. Sorry mate. Hopefully she's good in bed.
  13. Yarra

    Furry for Halloween, Anyone?

    Great idea. I might. Or at least answer the door and hand out candy in one
  14. Yarra

    Anti-Furry Ex

    I agree wit Astus. I really don't tell anyone and there are some bad actors out there. I've only been married a couple years but we've been together for 6 and I only told her last year! hahaha But she's like "it's your thing" just don't smother me with it . I laughed wondering if it was...
  15. Yarra

    Dangerous plant

    I thought it was going to be eggplant. Bleh!!
  16. Yarra


    Ha, I've seen that vid. Looks like it would be fun.
  17. Yarra

    Ever been afraid of sleeping?

    My dreams are often very vivid and fantastical. Every few months I realize I'm dreaming and try to convince others in my dream they're dreaming too. They never believe me but when I ask them what time it is or what day it is they can't tell me. That's when I say "ah hah"!
  18. Yarra

    Why Are Furries Awesome?

    Fuck yeah
  19. Yarra

    Why Are Furries Awesome?

    Because we're the fuzziest