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  1. Tissemand

    Speaker crackling

    My old speakers like to crackle even when nothing is playing (or should be playing). It's just somehow playing random noise and I can't seem to stop it without having to actually unplug the set from the wall (even when it's turned 'off', it still crackles like mad). It's really been bothering me...
  2. Tissemand

    Just impulse-bought a bass.

    So, I completely impulse bought this bass & amp (even though I play normal guitar) at a yard sale for $40... pretty good deal, me thinks :3 I just learned Peaches by the Stranglers and Ask by the Smiths, which has been my life long dream to play on bass. Does anyone have any suggestions for...
  3. Tissemand

    Not much of a drawer :/

    I'm a bit of a noobish artist (just started drawing daily about two days ago, so please bare with me :3), so critique everything that you can! :3 I'm rather bad at body perportions and perspectives and I think those need the most work too. I drew this last night thinking it looked awesome, but...
  4. Tissemand

    Thinking about joining the armed forces.

    (This thread is mostly aimed at people who are currently in the US military.) I'm seriously considering joining the military after high school, considering there's a rather low chance of getting in to any respected college, and thus a low chance of getting a job... I want to have that feeling...
  5. Tissemand

    Well, it's official: Spotify now sucks.

    They're really starting to bug me now. First the massive banner ads and audio ads, and now they're limiting free users to 10h/mo and only 5 listens to a song. :mad: I've had my account for a year or so, and this is just awful. Bahh. Does anyone know of any alternatives to Spotify? I'm using...
  6. Tissemand

    Hiya everyone.

    I'm Tissemand! I met a furry at Sakura-con on Friday and I've ever since been fascinated with em. :3 I don't have a fursona or anything of that sort yet, but I'm still looking for one that's pretty suitable ;) Cheers!
  7. Tissemand

    Rainfurrest 2011!

    Hiya everyone. I'm a new gayfur and I'm thinking about going to Rainfurrest 2011 as my first furry convention (I don't have a fursona nor a fursuit yet ._., so don't expect much)! I'm looking for a ride down from the Seattle ferry terminal to Seatac, and I think I can cover for gas money and...