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  1. Disasterfox

    What is a furry?!

    A gigantic faggot with cat ears and a tail that looks like they're taking a shit Like me :D
  2. Disasterfox


    lol wazap king you'll fit in well
  3. Disasterfox

    Fursona Picture

    weight? it helps also: cuteness level? hardcore level?
  4. Disasterfox

    Celebrities who like anime?

    Digimon wtf? bon jovi watches boondocks which I don't know what the fuck that is but I watch it too cause black comedy haw haw
  5. Disasterfox

    Alpha and Omega seems like a furrie's wet dream

    He's right they do have hair.. wolf norpography ensues. It's a good thing I have a niece for these kinds of movies I'm just too curious about lol
  6. Disasterfox

    Alpha and Omega seems like a furrie's wet dream

    I saw this poster and I was all like "awww shieet :)" And then I saw the commercial and I was all like "aw shit :(" Bottom line: Disney didn't make it so it sucks, the end
  7. Disasterfox

    Fursuiting at school?

    Aww nice bro! I've been dying to do the same thing, but I'm not about to make a fursuit myself. Just be like a mascot lol
  8. Disasterfox

    The most important/popular people in the fandom are...?

    I can't think of anybody important. Like, at all. It's only a fandom Also I'm not gay; can I be one
  9. Disasterfox

    Will anyone help me out? :D

    Grab a piece of paper. Think of your 'sona. Draw a wild and crazy face. Repeat until satisfied. Scan, color, OYAHHIDIDIT
  10. Disasterfox

    So I kissed my first guy

    It's okay Tao. You can have as big boobs as you want. Just don't be that guy in one of those Broadway shows where I'm all like "that girl is hot", and it's you or something D: Also this thread is funny in a gay and haha way with a strange mix of nuts and boobs and underage people. Reminds me...
  11. Disasterfox

    Itty Bitty Baby

    K I fucking don't understand this meme at all it must be japanese or something also lol old spice. Should be a fucking old lady trying to look sexy. See what you made me do?
  12. Disasterfox


    Make me a, taco heheh i love tacos
  13. Disasterfox

    Itty Bitty Baby

    Um... welcome to the forum ?
  14. Disasterfox

    Shyness :(

    As we say in 'nam, Just touch her penis and get over it
  15. Disasterfox


    I know a black furry chick in my high school, but she's far too black to be willow :P
  16. Disasterfox


    ew Willow.. We don't need to know this
  17. Disasterfox

    If YOU cold sleep with any Celebrity who would it be?

    I honestly can't think of any.. Maybe the fact that all of them have dudes fapping to them endlessly is a bit disturbing
  18. Disasterfox


    suuuuuck uuuuuuup lol also: welcome to the motherfucking forums Don't fall for Icky he is really a sexual deviant and wants everyone's penis >.> Joking.
  19. Disasterfox

    Do people's avatars

    um. Gir voice: Mine says draw me naked! :D I think
  20. Disasterfox

    A question to all Wolf furs

    Maybe she uses her iphone or something, like 1 third the people in the world do.. Don should not be a name. It is too short. Make it, Jim or something