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  1. EmmieTheWhippet

    Sketch requests!

    Whippet legs are pretty tricky. I practice, and practice, and practice yet I still have a hard time getting them just right some times ^_^; . You did very well! I didn't tell you in my pm reply, but I love that swirly halo and the expression on her face. ^_^
  2. EmmieTheWhippet

    Furfags by age

    <- 23
  3. EmmieTheWhippet

    Explain your avatar

    My avatar is from a drawing I did of my character: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3799799.
  4. EmmieTheWhippet

    Second Life...

    I really enjoy SL. I've made a lot of friends there, but they haven't been online as much any more and, consequently, neither have I. My name in SL is Abra Miles if anyone feels like looking me up though.
  5. EmmieTheWhippet

    Sketch requests!

    Feel free to draw Emmie, whippets are really fun to draw: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3687824/. I'll definitly give drawing Tahiti a shot when I get the chance. ^_^
  6. EmmieTheWhippet


    Thanks! ^_^
  7. EmmieTheWhippet


    I decided I'd like to leave "lurk mode" and actually make the occasional post, so I thought I should introduce myself. I live in BC, Canada and I am currently attending university. I have a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend, who known online as Chado Korobase. I enjoy playing video...
  8. EmmieTheWhippet

    Furries Online vs. Offline

    I am just myself online and offline. I don't have any reason to behave differently.