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  1. Lilfurbal

    I've always wondered what furries so in a normal day.

    Hm... Generally I wake up, snuggle a plushie for a bit before getting up. Then get up, shower, eat, go to work from 9 to 6. lunch and walking at noon. Go home, turn on tv, eat something, watch tv and snuggle a plushie on the couch and go to bed. During the entire duration of the day I'll be...
  2. Lilfurbal

    FWA Videos Going Up!

    Yay, I'm the kitty with the blue foam noodle in the fursuit game room :p
  3. Lilfurbal

    What keeps you from quitting the fandom?

    The art is cool, fursuits are cool, and having something of a social circle in my local city opposed to having basically no friends is cool. Fursuiting is entirely too much fun. And the concept of animal people is cool. Removing myself entirely from the fandom doesn't really make sense as I...
  4. Lilfurbal


    I probably don't make the best friend I could make. I'm a huge introvert and have learned that I get can get easily annoyed around people for certain durations of time. My communication doesn't always come out the best it could. I've had very few friends. Mostly what my friends have consisted...
  5. Lilfurbal

    Windows 7 constant freezing

    Working in the computer tech field myself, I say that if you cannot figure out the issue within reasonable time then formatting and reinstalling from scratch is the quickest way to fix an issue. If anything at that point you have removed some major variables from the issue. If it still happens...
  6. Lilfurbal

    Your opinion on furry 'slang' ?

    The stuff that doesn't bother me: fursuit fursona words of which are neutral: paw-off tailhole yiff murr Other furry words are not necessary. Paw-off and tailhole are fun words in replace of words of which I don't even like to say. Yiff and murr I do not use but am ok with their use...
  7. Lilfurbal

    Personal belongings in suit

    I have to carry things with me as well as they are necessary things I need in order to fursuit places. I have to have a bar of soap, a paper towel, and my glasses. Weird items yes, but my fursuit head has lenses in the eyes that can be taken out. I cannot see anything without glasses but...
  8. Lilfurbal

    What automobile do you own?

    I have a blue 2009 Ford Focus SEL, bought it brand new. I do love it so~
  9. Lilfurbal

    What's your computer background?

    Mine so happens to be the full resolution version of this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3449597 <3
  10. Lilfurbal

    Report for duty! Calling all Fur-Scouts!

    I was a boy scout though unfortunately I have no recollection of the rank system or what rank I got out as. I just know that I stopped going when I was in 6th grade for some reason or another. I love camping and all, though I dunno, the camping trips I had in boy scouts was not something I was...
  11. Lilfurbal


    I had to look that up :p http://travel.sympatico.ca/RobinEsrock/Articles/worlds_grossest_food2 http://www.culinaryschools.org/blog/three-squeaks/ That is interesting. lol.
  12. Lilfurbal

    Military Furs

    I was in the Active Army for 4 years from 2001-2005. Spent a year in South Korea, 9 months in Kuwait and the remainder of time in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Was good times, good times. I enjoyed visiting South Korea :) Some pictures of me...
  13. Lilfurbal

    AC is coming up... What suit are YOU wearing?

    Yay hugs :D :D I hope I can make it to AC again. I sort of failed this time around regarding getting a room so still don't have a room and the close hotels appear to be sold out. I'll have to look for something. :)
  14. Lilfurbal

    Where the felines at?

    I'm a kitty cat! Mew ~~~
  15. Lilfurbal

    AC is coming up... What suit are YOU wearing?

    I'll be wearing Furball :)
  16. Lilfurbal

    Honestly, what's the point?

    *huuugs and purrs*
  17. Lilfurbal

    Honestly, what's the point?

    But of course :) mew mew!
  18. Lilfurbal

    Honestly, what's the point?

    The point is to enjoy life as much as you can while you're left alive. And have fun. Fun :)
  19. Lilfurbal

    you would think that furries would be vegetarians...

    I certainly eat meat. And my fursona is a kitty who eats meat. If I were my fursona I would eat meat. There's no justifiable reason why I would not eat meat for being in the fandom. :smile:
  20. Lilfurbal

    The most f*cked up videogame cutscenes

    When I think of disturbing times from games one of which is very high to me is Xenogears. That game has a disturbed story enough as it is, cutscenes may be a tad bit dramatic. I love that game :)