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  1. Kio Maru


    Why'd you steal any part of another's fursuit? If you wore it in public / at a con it'd make it quite obvious they'd stolen it if you reported enough (even if you didn't, there's the risk). And if it's a non-furry, then why, just why would you do that? What use would the suit be? And if a furry...
  2. Kio Maru

    Headphones Problem

    I'd suspect the fuzzing sound is just the noise floor static, since your headphones are loud I should think this is louder than you're used to as a hence. The headphones might just be designed to be loud. I'm curious, is it the treble or the bass that is too loud? If the treble is too loud then...
  3. Kio Maru

    U.S.A. supreme court to decide legality of selling used products and items.

    If you sell a used dildo is that illegal?
  4. Kio Maru

    Is collectivist action the wave of the future on the internet or a bunch of hype?

    I'm pretty sure corporate giants would disrupt such doings. I'll say probably not, it just sounds like wishful thinking to me, though I haven't read into it. And I'd say as the internet speeds up, games will be eventually hosted online and you'd literally have to crack the server to play it...
  5. Kio Maru

    Feeling Closed-minded about other people being different?

    You implied that stereotypes were a good thing and then you used an example to devaluate this. Chance is not related to stereotypes in this sense, if someone often finds 20$ on the ground, it is not rare to them. >King's English I'm the English one here, in traditional English there are two...
  6. Kio Maru

    Cambridge scientists make human computer (SKYNET interFACE prototype?)

    Considering visual candy and minwin, I'd say Windows 7 would be better than XP from a contemporary perspective. XP has a lot more holes and bugs than Windows and the built in themes are ancient. I'd say the Metro UI is bloated and inconsistent, it implies you'd want to review all the different...
  7. Kio Maru

    Digital Audio Workstations, which one do you use?

    "obnoxiously happy songs" I like songs to be different moods, it's also not good to look at when depressed, though neither is overly bright or basic colors, especially if they're distracting. But if you want to make a bright sounding strong it's psychologically idealistic to be looking at bright...
  8. Kio Maru

    Reversing and Changing the Speed of Songs

    I see. Generally if you want to make a warped ambient sound, granular synthesis is recommended instead as it allows you to manipulate the grains via modulation, only a sample can have a more pre-made timbre. A lot of time-stretching in ambient music nowadays is also replaced with digital delay...
  9. Kio Maru

    Fursona species there should be more of, less of and none of in your opinion

    I just don't find monkeys/apes appealing, they're not the only animals I view as such.
  10. Kio Maru

    Must everyone be so sexual?

    I don't think furries are that sexual in general, plenty more 12-14 year olds on DA call themselves furries and they aren't very often sexually oriented.I think I've seen more hentai than furry porn, which is often more to the japanese appeal of "rule 34" and "we must violate everything". Just...
  11. Kio Maru

    Are you the same age as your fursona?

    Wishful thinking, dysmorphia and internal/spiritual identity may affect this, the fursona can represent who you are on the inside rather than the out and through the RP of your chara it's considered a form of escapism.Underage will often distort the fursona to be older, older may distort the...
  12. Kio Maru

    Furry photomorph sites???

    My antivirus says that site is on a zombie computer and the SSL certificate has been invalidated by the CA Cert Signing Authority.
  13. Kio Maru

    Does being a furry make you go to hell? Christian

    God spoke to me in a dream. He said Hell Have No Furry. Instead they go to a place far deeper than hell, a place so terrible it is unspoken of. It is ruled by Cthulhu and tentacle rape is at a constant.
  14. Kio Maru

    Must everyone be so sexual?

    Not just animals, "bacteria" (in a sense) does, too (wait is this NSFW?). http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3e/Conjugation.svg I'm willing to bet the hot topic of bacteria is reproduction :grin:
  15. Kio Maru

    Feeling Closed-minded about other people being different?

    So everything unique is a bad thing? What's the point of evolution / experimentation? Yet there are pros and cons in both cases and it depends if it's a front or rear wheel drive, not to mention the technology involved, by physics as long as the weight is balanced at the front and the back...
  16. Kio Maru

    Feeling Closed-minded about other people being different?

    Stereotypes are subjective and usually negative, it's been considered of the "I'm this, you're that" psychology, to pick and choose what is not like for a personal sense of preference. That might not seem negative to the chooser, but it can seem unfair to those who are seen negatively. In terms...
  17. Kio Maru

    Reversing and Changing the Speed of Songs

    I've heard it's not a good idea to use Audacity from what I've heard, it's best to use something like Cool Edit Pro (not sure about Adobe Audition, though). Audacity tends to lose transients when time stretching whereas Cool Edit Pro uses the more expert algorithms, the main issue is with the...
  18. Kio Maru

    Esteban Winsmore's Big Furry Adventure (Second Life)

    I think the time I used SL was about 2004-2007 (underage b&, can't remember the exact year), the graphics haven't changed much at all and I tended to avoid anmalistic avatars because of the epic lag and I don't remember any furries whatsoever or voice chat. I do remember aubreTEC that was...
  19. Kio Maru

    Digital Audio Workstations, which one do you use?

    I have tried them all. FL Studio is definitely the best in my opinion. Cubase is very limited in what it can do at once, Ableton awkwardly puts most internal plugins to the bottom which can often confuse you what track you're dealing with, Reaper looks like a bloated multi-track interface to me...
  20. Kio Maru

    Strangest/Weirdest place you've fallen asleep.

    Not so much a place. But on my iPod Touch (4th gen), I'm surprised it didn't explode it was hot, I wonder if the radiation can affect me. I don't think I've slept anywhere weird, weirdest was when I went camping, but that's not really weird.