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  1. DarinNWolf

    Can I get some help?

    Sadly this is very much true
  2. DarinNWolf

    Can I get some help?

    You could also do what I did and draw some video game related creatures (for me it was skyrim and Final Fantasy)
  3. DarinNWolf

    Need a commisom

    Well I could certainly do a drawing for you! Might I ask what are the specifics you are looking for (say headshot, full body)? I'm currently doing headshots but wont mind working something out :) I charge 7$ (negotiable) Here are my examples recent commission other examples (bit of an...
  4. DarinNWolf

    Doing Some Commissions

    Yo! Haven't drawn anything in awhile, so I want to change that! If anyone is interested I am currently doing headshot drawings (though that could always change if you want) Normally would charge 7$ but willing to do them for 5$ according to the minimum Here are my examples recent commission...
  5. DarinNWolf

    Looking for art of my lion character!

    Not sure if you are still looking or found someone already, but if the former I could certainly do a drawing of your character! I charge 7 dollars for a headshot, though we could arrange something else if interested, here are my examples
  6. DarinNWolf

    SandraMJ'S Hunk gallery

    Oh God loving this! Especially the first one
  7. DarinNWolf

    Looking for artist to draw a few characters

    I could certainly do a quick headshot drawing of either Aethlindir and Kacela or even both! Here's my commission info with all of my examples, as well as how much I charge forums.furaffinity.net: Commission (Selling): - Starting up Commissions for the first time
  8. DarinNWolf

    Again, personal reasons are NOT allowed in threads

    Whoop! Almost made that mistake! Wont do it again.
  9. DarinNWolf

    Starting up Commissions for the first time

    Hi! I'm somewhat new to doing commissions, and I've only really done one before (that I'll show). Since this will be my first commission journal here (technically second, but that was more of a questions journal), for right now I will be charging: 7$ for headshots. Once I get more comfortable...
  10. DarinNWolf

    Looking for an artist

    If you're still looking for an artist, I could certainly help. I currently do headshots but if interested, we could talk more Here's my commish info with example works I've done ACCEPTING COMMISSIONS -- DarinNWolf's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  11. DarinNWolf

    looking for artists

    Hi! I could certainly do a headshot icon of one or two of the requests that you are asking Here's my Commission info with some examples that I've done. I also charge 7 dollars ACCEPTING COMMISSIONS -- DarinNWolf's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net You can either pm me here or on my FA page...
  12. DarinNWolf

    Overdue Commission Advice?

    Oi, "vacation" huh? Well if you want I could draw ya something, takes me about 3 days or a week to finish stuff
  13. DarinNWolf

    I am not an art artist but a paracord artist :)

    Knots as in tying and making knots. It's a rope/string/whatevermaterialtheartisthereuses joke