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  1. FrozenBuns

    Game: Change one letter of a 4-letter word

    Pole ;)
  2. FrozenBuns

    Free Art: Doing requests for practice!

    That sounds pretty doable. It may take me a while to complete since I've been pretty busy, but I'll draw him for you!
  3. FrozenBuns

    Free Art: Doing requests for practice!

    I figured that since I've recently learned some of the basics of art, I should start doing requests to give myself practice drawing a wider variety of things I may not have thought to draw myself. As such, I am going to have 2 slots for requests open. I'm not too amazing at drawing, but that's...
  4. FrozenBuns

    Show me your art!

    I just finished this! I feel like it's not too great. But I put a lot of effort into it, and it took like all of my artistic knowledge to make. Oh, and my FA. I'm taking a few requests to help myself improve if anyone's interested!
  5. FrozenBuns

    Need some advice/help!

    I finished it! I think I implemented the stuff I was told here correctly, or at least I hope I did. This took me like 6 or more hours to make. While I feel like I won't be achieving this level of detail in the future anytime soon unless I'm willing to put in the same amount of effort, I think...
  6. FrozenBuns

    Word association

  7. FrozenBuns

    clichés in movies you don't like

    Every horror movie has an unnecessary sex scene, very often followed by one or both of the participants getting killed
  8. FrozenBuns

    Need some advice/help!

    Thanks for the feedback! I think my progression so far has seemed kinda smooth because of my past experience with image manipulation software and art, using photoshop and gimp gave me a bit of an eye for minor details. Though drawing has always been trickier for me since I've lacked good tools...
  9. FrozenBuns

    Any Monster hunter fans out here?

    I've been playing it since the PSP, but I really got into it with MH Tri for the Wii. It's one of my favorite series, but I've struggled getting into it in recent times due to the immense time requirement.
  10. FrozenBuns

    what is your favorite flavor ice cream

    Pistachio, or black raspberry!
  11. FrozenBuns

    Need some advice/help!

    So I've been studying and practicing my drawing a lot since I last posted. I've learned some new techniques to get anatomy more correct, things like using references properly, and making an armature(which goes very well with the shape reduction technique I've been using). What I'm curious about...
  12. FrozenBuns

    I have, have you?

    Not a recent one I've let spiders crawl on me, have you?
  13. FrozenBuns

    Need some advice/help!

    It probably isn't particularly great, but here it is! I took all the advice I could from this thread. I used refs, made the ears more angular like a cat, and I tried evening out their size. Drawing the upper body was far less intensive than I imagined it, and the experience gained will be very...
  14. FrozenBuns

    Need some advice/help!

    I took the advice I got last night and have mostly completed the drawing. I'm actually more proud of it so far than I've been of any past drawings I've made. I'll post when it's done! I was planning on doing more diagonal angles and things like that after finishing this drawing. I just wanted...
  15. FrozenBuns

    Need some advice/help!

    Yeah, I was gonna add more to indicate the muzzle but I started struggling to implement it and that's when I decided "Maybe it's time to see what advice the forums have". As for the ears, I really like big ears so I kinda went overboard. I definitely could make them smaller though, lol. That...
  16. FrozenBuns

    Need some advice/help!

    I've been learning to draw recently, but I keep ending up dissatisfied with what I draw. For example, right now I'm drawing an anthro cat but well. I don't know how to progress from where I am in the drawing. I could just wing it like I have in the past, but I feel like I wouldn't actually be...
  17. FrozenBuns

    Games that you played way too much, dropped, and have now come back to?

    I usually try to beat the game over the course of a few months and stop playing for a while. Rimworld is an easy game to get sucked into
  18. FrozenBuns

    Word association

    Ronald McDonald
  19. FrozenBuns

    Describe your daily routine in 4 words