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  1. lefurr

    Confessions thread

    I have a really strong lack of feeling emotions.
  2. lefurr

    awsome gas prices!

    2.04 here in Montana.
  3. lefurr

    Why The Hell Are Fursuits So Creepy Lookin'?

    It kinda depends on the suit. Some are horrid and some are awesome to look at.
  4. lefurr

    What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

    My amazing Ibanez SDGR 5-string bass.
  5. lefurr

    Idea for a furry gaming channel

    I can animate. But yet don't have the art skills... Weird I know.
  6. lefurr

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Battlefield hardline beta. (PC)
  7. lefurr

    What are your steam usernames, part 2-

    Prepar for my random immature name.... I_LICKUATNITE
  8. lefurr

    Why do Americans use English so poorly?

    I live in Montana and I was born and raised here and our English is pretty decent here. I moved to FL, AL, and GA for three years total. And their English isn't that great compared to the west and northern states. It's most likely due to the poor education systems those states have. (I don't...
  9. lefurr

    The legends were true!

    Finally there is an end to this legend. A good one too.
  10. lefurr

    Ever made this mistake on the forum?

    What I meant by "other forum" was on another site and I thought it wasn't on this one...
  11. lefurr

    things you just dont understand

  12. lefurr

    Ever made this mistake on the forum?

    Like that moment you post a thread thinking its a new subject. But yet it already existed and you didn't know about it? That just happened to me.
  13. lefurr

    How to get Furry Friends?

    You could try local meets if you have them in your area. I don't have any furry friends either. Just regular good 'ol friends. (Plus I don't even think there's local meets where I'm at.) Anyway, if you live in a highly populated area you have a better chance of meeting people at local meets...
  14. lefurr

    What got you into the furry fandom?

    I don't really remember. But I think it started with me just liking the art. Then it just kind of went from there.
  15. lefurr

    Well i finally slipped up...

    This is the kind of shit. That makes me scared to show people that I'm a furry. I also got a new laptop a month ago but I cant browse on it without my damn brother walking into my room every five minuets. I feel your pain.
  16. lefurr

    Rate that avatar!

    9/10 It's 8-Bit and red.
  17. lefurr

    Rate that avatar!

    I've seen this game in another forum somewhere before. But anyway. The game basically plays out by giving a rating of the person's avatar above you. Ex: "(X)/10 (say something about it here.)" Anyway lets start.
  18. lefurr

    What would it be like to live forever?

    Seriously think about it for a moment. Would it be a good or bad thing? Me personally, I think it would suck because you would have to suffer through each generation. All of your family and friends would be gone. And you'd probably get bored being on the earth for so long. So I say it's a bad...
  19. lefurr

    Stereotypes of Your State (Or Country/Territory)

    Yea pretty true. But don't forget the stoners, hippies, bars, barfights, and casinos. I see shitloads of bars downtown plus the drunks. Gotta love it here
  20. lefurr

    What are you doing for new years eve?

    I know what I'm doing. Going to a field lighting up fireworks with friends late at midnight. Then have a little party.