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  1. Jazzi


    Welcome dear sah'!
  2. Jazzi

    Why Hello

    Why halooo there!
  3. Jazzi

    An Ode To Terror

    Oh, and I'd like to request an oatmeal cookie. No raisins if you please!
  4. Jazzi

    I ish new. Welcome mehs. =3

    Welcome welcome, do stay a while.
  5. Jazzi

    An Ode To Terror

    I love experimental music with a passion! Do you have a Furaffinity page? I'd love to hear your stuffs.
  6. Jazzi

    The ethereal prince

    I guess I can be a wee bit psychotic sometimes, Screw reality dear sir!
  7. Jazzi

    The ethereal prince

    Hiya, you can call me jazii (Yah-zee), and i've been in the fandom for a few years now. Guess you could say i've always been a scalie, as I have pictured myself as my avatar since before I could remember (I know, weird). You could say this fandom was a bit of a godsend, hehe. I'd love to make...
  8. Jazzi


    Its one thing to be attracted to someone of the same sex, but something else entirely if you want to fuck them, hehe.
  9. Jazzi

    Looking back who or what made you realize "dear god i was always furry"

    I realized when I found the fandom, hehe.
  10. Jazzi


    We need a sick train system, and destroy all the suburbs, and make cities more independent. In my humble opinion.
  11. Jazzi

    Ello. :3

    Welcome, i'm considerably new too.
  12. Jazzi

    What kind of "fur" are you?

    Im kinda in between hobbyist and lifestylist, although the spirituality aspect is a big part for me.
  13. Jazzi

    Jazii's magical dream adventure

    Has anyone had a really really badass realistic dream? I have heard about lucid dreaming and out of body experiences before, thinking how cool that would be, but last night I had a pretty damn profound experience. Story is: in my dream I was walking down a city street at night with some...
  14. Jazzi

    Greetings from the depth of Hell

    I am Jazii, prince of time and chaos; Pleasure to meet you.
  15. Jazzi

    Furs By Species 2

    I am a serpent :)