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  1. 3picFox

    Furs by Location v5.0

    SF bay area, california.
  2. 3picFox

    Pet name thread

    cake-my cat though I always call her kitty because she doesn't know her name.
  3. 3picFox

    Unofficial new furries guide to furry.

    Wow, I can't even hold a conversation for a half hour in public. At least I know that that rule will not be a problem for me.
  4. 3picFox

    The Ultimate Furry fantasy world!! IMO

    Is bloody roar the name?
  5. 3picFox

    IRL :V face and others

    They're animals
  6. 3picFox

    Surviving the zombie apocalypse

    bring a chainsaw, demonstrate on a classmate on how to kill effectively.
  7. 3picFox

    NYPD Gets Some

    It was obviously suicide by cop the guy probably wasn't a real danger.
  8. 3picFox

    What is your sexual orientation

    start'n to feel bi leaning hetero..
  9. 3picFox

    What is your sexual orientation

    I always thought that pan meant you don't care what you fuck. Might not only apply to gender.
  10. 3picFox

    Random retarted fads in school

    video games fucking video games
  11. 3picFox

    My mom has found a way to communicate with me

    You're crazy, administer cyanide immediately.
  12. 3picFox

    Do you FA/FAF at work/school?

    Yeah, since this really just looks like a forum with a bunch of stupid avatars and siggies anyways, not a furgfag forum.
  13. 3picFox

    Fur Dictionary

    trolling people as a furry is fun! I'm surprised that most people don't realize a lot of "furries" are trolls.
  14. 3picFox

    Does the doctor's gender determine your comfort level when seeing them?

    I've had a male doctor for my "turn your head and couch while i hold your balls" test and another time a female doctor. Both times the same thing :v because i'm such an overly sensitive person.
  15. 3picFox

    Weird things that happened in video games

    Fallout 3: The most random shit will happen if you play it enough, which makes it awesome.
  16. 3picFox

    Questions about the community - - -

    1. What is this infamous C.S.I. episode about and is you know where I can find it to find out what all the fuss is about? I am also curious how old this episode is and what affect it has had on the community and maybe how long his affect will last? Look it up on youtube, I think its called...
  17. 3picFox

    I just had a epiphany-

    People stopped using that? When did this happen, yesterday?