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  1. darkdy50

    What religion are you?

    I don't know what i am, im just not in to religion. It causes more pain then it stops.
  2. darkdy50


    yo, welcome, have the time of your life! *pounces and hugs* hit me up on MSN or YIM
  3. darkdy50

    Your Fetishes and why?

    ZOO!! =3
  4. darkdy50

    Anyone want to chat up on YIM/MSN?

    anytime anyone wants to talk, add me to MSN as beastmanfake@hotmail.com or on YIM beastmanfake =3
  5. darkdy50

    Hi...? >.<

    hello, welcome, enjoy, have a...um... SUNDAE! *pounces and hugs* =3 i'd like to talk and Rp with you, hit me up on MSN
  6. darkdy50

    Hi, new here

    MALO!!! IS THAT YOU!?!? my undead buddy?
  7. darkdy50

    Alice in FAland? Hmm?

    hello, welcome, come in to the web of the spider that is FAF. *pounces and licks* if you have MSN of Yahoo, please hit me you ^^
  8. darkdy50

    Servus everybody

    hello and welcome *bows politly* it is my plesure to meat you *kisses your hand*
  9. darkdy50

    Hello hello

    HELLO, what have we here, necromancers? i like you already. *pounces and hugs* hit me up on MSN or Yahoo
  10. darkdy50

    Homeless Furry up for Adoption

    yo man, welcome to FAF! *pounces and hugs* hit me up on Yahoo
  11. darkdy50

    Hello all who care!

    yo, welcome, have a fun time, and be warned, someone will try to eat you. *pounces and hugs* i'd love to talk to you over MSN or Yahoo =3
  12. darkdy50


    *hands Sashimi from out of my pants* welcome, enjoy FAF, read sig please *pounces and hugs*
  13. darkdy50

    new kat here to stay!

    Hello, welcome to F....A...foru....damn you Eternal >.< oh well, i still got this *pounces and hugs* i'm always looking for new friends, so i'll add you to Yahoo ^^
  14. darkdy50

    Hey There!

    yo, welcome, i'd love to be your friend, hope you find lots more =^-^=
  15. darkdy50

    New to forums/ looking for FA friends

    hello, welcome,you sound intresting, i would like to Rp with you some time, im on MSN and Yahoo but expect to be *pounces and hugs* every ones and awhile
  16. darkdy50


    welcome my furry friend, on behalf of this site, i welcome you*bows slightly* please, if you have MSN or Yahoo, add me to them *pounces and hugs*
  17. darkdy50

    Um... Hi.

    hello, welcome, enjoy. i'd be happy to talk to you on msn *pounces and hugs*
  18. darkdy50

    nervous kitty

    yo, is a fem, so rare on this site, i must be nice, i will not grope you...for now... but i will do this *pounces and hugs* add me to your MSN or yahoo, if ya got them
  19. darkdy50


    yo, welcome, i'll add you, can't draw thou, not for shit T-T FEEL MY LOVE!!! *pounces and hugs*
  20. darkdy50

    Greetings from a stray cat!

    your stuffs nice man, very nice iv just started reading the tally road under the comics, only read alittle so far, but seems good