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  1. tonythetiger16

    Hiring: Budget: 30 $ or more for comic or comm

    Hello! If you're still looking for an artist, I'd be interested in drawing a comic page for you as a commission. I've done several TF/TG comic commissions before, so feminization/bimbofication is in a simialr realm to what i'm familiar with. Some examples of my work are linked below...
  2. tonythetiger16

    Illustrations and Comic Pages (NSFW and SFW)

    Updating this post with some examples of my work.
  3. tonythetiger16

    Hiring Artist (Price Maximum $100)

    Sent you a note.
  4. tonythetiger16

    Illustrations and Comic Pages (NSFW and SFW)

    Hi there! I'm offering a variety of options for character illustration commissions and comic pages. If you want a colorful illustration with a cartoony style, i'm your guy. I consider communication an essentail factor in the commission process, so I also send works in progress to my clients and...
  5. tonythetiger16

    Looking for a Line Artist/Colorist (Artist Found)

    Yo, I could color and line that for you. I normally do cel-shaded drawings for $30 and soft shaded for $40 but since the sketch is already done I could probably cut those prices by about $5 . Here's an example of a colored drawing I did: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15601108/...
  6. tonythetiger16

    Help Me Fix Anatomy Errors

    I tend to lean on the more human side of things when I draw anthropomorphic animals, so that's probably why the face shape looks more human. I just like it better that way. Though I'll take into account it being to bulbous and the shoulders. I was working off of a year-old sketch, so I probably...
  7. tonythetiger16

    Help Me Fix Anatomy Errors

    Allright. I figured the head might be turned a bit oddly and the eye patterns were kinda weird, so I'll probably experiment with changing that. Though, was also going for a goofy thing with her tongue sticking out, like she's happy or playful or something. And actual pandas have a similar mouth...
  8. tonythetiger16

    Help Me Fix Anatomy Errors

    Hey, so I was submitting stuff to Hentai-Foundry again but got my submission rejected due to anatomy/ quality errors. I was hoping that someone might be able to help me pinpoint what was wrong with the image so I can fix it and submit it to HF and Furaffinity. Here's a link to the image in...
  9. tonythetiger16

    looking for someone too draw my fursona

    Yo, I could draw your fursona as a commission. Some examples and prices are here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6408116/ Prices can vary depending on how detailed you want it. Just send me a note or a reply if you're interested.
  10. tonythetiger16

    Gender Bent (Rule 63)

    Hey, I could probably do something like that for ya as a commission. Not exactly sure just how curvy you'd want him (her I guess in this situation XD), but here are some examples of some curvy characters I've drawn (examples are nsfw):http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15703076/...
  11. tonythetiger16

    Footjob YCH (NSFW, obviously XD)

    Hey, I'm currently having a Your Character here auction here (NSFW):http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16640779/#cid:96471153 If you're into foot/pawjobs, it might be worth a look. For reference, a full colored/shaded picture by me would look similar to this in quality :(NSFW)...
  12. tonythetiger16

    Anatomy Errors in my drawing, please critique

    Yeah that's what they've been saying on HF too. Also I drew her foot backwards XD. Dunno how the hell i missed that while drawing it.
  13. tonythetiger16

    Anatomy Errors in my drawing, please critique

    Ah, okay. Yeah, I was struggling with that third panel for a while, i guess I still need to do some fixing.
  14. tonythetiger16

    Anatomy Errors in my drawing, please critique

    Hey, my latest comic page got rejected on Hentai-Foundry for anatomy errors, and i was wondering if anyone here could help me fix it. This is the first rejection I've had in a while, and was probably due to me trying too dynamic of a pose without the proper knowledge XD. Anyway, I'd like some...
  15. tonythetiger16

    AWKWARD feelings Drawing adult mateial, tell your tail.

    I used to feel awkward drawing smutty things (mostly because I really sucked at drawing) but now it's just like drawing anything else. Perhaps the most awkward thing was having my friends ask to look through my sketchbook (even after i told them what was in it to deter them from looking through...
  16. tonythetiger16

    Hey Everyone!

    Haha, I actually get the frosted flakes thing a lot. Part of why I changed my name on most of my other websites XD. But yeah thanks for the welcome.
  17. tonythetiger16

    Hey Everyone!

    Ah, cool. I really dig that angler fish and the spaghetti girl.
  18. tonythetiger16

    Valentine's Day YCH Auction (1 Day left) (NSFW)

    I'm currently hosting a Valentine's Day "Your Character Here" Auction that will be going on for the next day. Here's a link to the sketch of the pose as well as more information about the auction(Warning: NSFW) : http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15727569/ You can bid in the comments of the...
  19. tonythetiger16

    Hey Everyone!

    Ah, cool. Sketching is fun. I do a lot of it when I'm bored in class :P. Do you have a page here for your art?