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  1. Tremaine

    End of the world or just a big shift?

    I'm pretty sure some Mayan was chiseling and said, "WELP, that's far enough into the future for now!" ...then he got drunk on some Mayan booze and woke up the next morning in some field without his clothes.
  2. Tremaine

    FA's raid system

    It's very likely RAID 5. :)
  3. Tremaine

    Still can't access FA. Anyone else?

    I don't know how FA is set up, but I'll offer an educated guess. I suspect the private messages are store in the database they are upgrading. Thus, until the database is online again, you won't be able to see those. According to the most recent status message everyone should be back online soon. :)
  4. Tremaine

    Opinions on "hybrids" and "mixes."

    *wiggles fingers* Magic! Though seriously, any hybrids that result in my characters' world are usually infertile. Magic is a very rare and subtle thing and must be used just right by someone knowledgeable in the art to create a hybrid that is not infertile. It certainly makes for a night to...
  5. Tremaine

    if a furry member is also a trekkie.

    Before Midwest FurFest was the con it was today, it was considered part of the "Furry Track" at Duckon. Duckon also had people dressing up as Klingons and the Borg--as well as folks in tails, ears, and suit. Tho' I don't think I saw any fursuits IN Star Trek uniforms. Hehe, fun times. =)...
  6. Tremaine

    I'll just leave this here

    "Thank you for watching news at 11. In a new story, every single person on the Internet has been sent to prison." *Cops show up to arrest the news reader* *Technical Difficulty image flashes on TV screen*
  7. Tremaine

    Bug/Site Problem: Search Problem: Backend Timeout

    Hello!I've been experiencing a problem for about 2-3 hours as of this post. I would say it started about 11:00AM CDT. Whenever I perform a Search, the browser would be showing activity, like it usually does. (I'd type "fennec" into the search box and hit the Enter key.) After a short time...
  8. Tremaine

    furry commune.

    I think it's an idea that is pretty common among those new to the fandom. However, experience with just one or two bad roommates tells me this is a bad, bad, bad idea. It's better to live with a roommate or two who also share an interest in furry, and see how you like that.
  9. Tremaine

    what can I do about....

    You want to be very, very careful with your ears. If you do something you shouldn't and rupture your eardrum, the damage could be permanent. You could make yourself deaf in that ear. See a doctor.
  10. Tremaine


    Wow, I remember seeing a post almost identical to this on alt.fan.furry back in 1996. If I'm not mistaken, the fandom has grown quite a bit since then. ;)
  11. Tremaine


    LOL! This totally needs to go in the "You Laugh You Lose" thread. =)
  12. Tremaine

    why not say your a fur in IRL.

    I don't really think there is a huge need to tell people my interests, unless I feel they may be interested in hearing it. There's a time and a place. :)
  13. Tremaine

    Adios, Jack Thompson...

    It means he's forbidden from practicing law in the State of Florida.
  14. Tremaine

    Don't Fart

    XP On a more serious note, Beano rocks. Yay chili!
  15. Tremaine

    New site title banner has got to go

    I was gonna say. If you're offended the banner, watch one of Peter Jackson's earlier films. That will completely and utterly redefine "offensive" for you. For instance, I got to see the extended rare version of Dead Alive. It was impressive. ;)
  16. Tremaine

    Don Bluth Or Disney?

    Disney films tend to be worse for that. In every single major film release (not counting direct-to-video sequels), one or both parents of the main protagonist die, are already dead, or are missing. I haven't been paying any attention to the 3D crap they've been putting out lately so I have no...
  17. Tremaine

    I need help being a better commissioner

    I think another good rule for commissioners is too look closely at the artist's gallery and see what they can do. Don't expect a very large variation from what they've already done. For instance, if your character's hairstyle looks nothing like what the artist has done already, don't be too...
  18. Tremaine

    Does anyone's fursona resemble them at all?

    Tremaine resembles me only in personality, but not physique or appearance.
  19. Tremaine

    Oh no, My Girl's not a furry!

    In a good working relationship, you should be able to communicate openly and honestly. Talk about it like it's the most perfectly normal thing in the word. When asked, "What is furry?" I usually explain it as easily as I would have told them what kind of cereal I had for breakfast, or what...
  20. Tremaine

    Mom, Dad, I'm a furrry

    They've known my whole life. I was drawing anthropomorphic animals long before I knew what the fandom even was. When I got into the fandom twelve years ago, I think my parents were just happy I could find some other like-minded people (that is, people who also like anthropomorphic animals) to...