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  1. Jari

    Hello all!

    Ember I'm not really sure what to put down haha so there isnt much. What should I be writing about in detail?
  2. Jari

    Hello all!

    I'm on a lot of forums about parrots and other birds (In RL I have 8 at the moment) so thats why I create all that really quickly :)
  3. Jari

    Why do furries want to inject anthros into everything?

    I dunno, I kinda agree with what you are saying, but at the same time, I agree with Onnes. But do they necessarily have to be anthros? Why couldnt they be something besides humans and monsters? I've seen like zero games where you get to be something besides a human or some mutant alien monster...
  4. Jari

    Hello all!

    Hey all! I'm new (obviously) from Vancouver BC. Well that's where I'm currently located I guess. Anyway, so yeah, just stopping in to say hi!
  5. Jari

    The Most Annoying Songs You've Heard.

    OMG Rebecca black's friday. Seriously, who invited her to sing? EVER. And Justin Beiber. At least he knows his crimes against humanity...