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  1. TheJewelKitten

    What, exactly, is an "adoptable?"

    I must say, I LOL'D. I sometimes do adoption videos on youtube, and my adoptables are free. the thing is, some people really like a taken adoptable, so they "steal" it by using and claiming it as their own when its owned by someone else already. its insane.
  2. TheJewelKitten

    Furry Decorations.

    You could make it or commishion one. OR take a santa decoration and paint it.
  3. TheJewelKitten

    Cosmetic Surgery, Too Far?

    That cat man is creepy.. I wouldnt do the body changes, anyway. (As much as id love to be seriously an anthro cat)
  4. TheJewelKitten

    Fursona pet

    I have 12 cats! :3
  5. TheJewelKitten

    Furries inside a book?

    she was.
  6. TheJewelKitten

    Furries inside a book?

    haha, the other day we had a project on fantasy worlds, so I did the furry fandom. my teacher was amazed at how I thought of that, and I said I didnt, its a whole fandom.
  7. TheJewelKitten

    Furries inside a book?

    I can't, it's school property.
  8. TheJewelKitten

    If you were a yiffstar (furry pornstar) what would your yiff name be?

    My name would be.. The little mangina.
  9. TheJewelKitten

    What useless but cool/interesting things do you own?

    I have these comfy little slippers with paw prints on them. they look pretty dumb to some people, but here's a picture:
  10. TheJewelKitten

    Furries inside a book?

    Haha, theres also a mouse fursuit in here. XD
  11. TheJewelKitten

    Furries inside a book?

    Haha, the author is a girl, but still, good one xD
  12. TheJewelKitten

    My mind has been opned.

    I would not allow my characters to be having sex. U:
  13. TheJewelKitten

    Furries inside a book?

    I found furries inside a book I was reading, on page 209. Its about a (human) girl in middle school. What it says on the page is, "I'm not a lying sneaky little rat like makenzie! .. or am I?" And here are some pictures, the page, and the cover of the book: Warning: BIG files So, do you...
  14. TheJewelKitten


    This isn't spam.
  15. TheJewelKitten


    bands i like: 30 seconds to mars three days grace linkin park owl city lady gaga
  16. TheJewelKitten

    The oddest thing your pets do

    1) One of my cats named fudge will chew on plastic. 2) One of my cats named mischief will chew on my hair. 3) Fudge will also hump my leg at night. 4) Fudge meows randomly when he wants attn. Even if your not near him. 5) One of my cats named Tai is bipolar, if shes on the bed, and you move it...
  17. TheJewelKitten

    do you hate deviantart?

    Its boring.
  18. TheJewelKitten

    Your introduction into the Furdom.

    hmm.. My love of cats.
  19. TheJewelKitten

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    Well, I think a realistic anthro cat would be cute. <3