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  1. kiro02

    Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

    no it doesnt.
  2. kiro02

    System Shock 2

    Saw of it. *tried* to play it. couldn't get my computer to install it.
  3. kiro02

    Steam Username List

    hmm. thought i posted here too. Steam names Brauner02 http://steamcommunity.com/id/brauner02
  4. kiro02

    Favorite Killing Floor Perk?

    Medic for me. medic lvl 5 perks have saved my ass when "your the only one left"
  5. kiro02

    Final Fantasy 13

    consider yourself lucky. after 9 squeeenix kinda started to derp the series. if you make any argument against this i will bring up final fantasy x-2 and post youtubes. YOU HAVE NO CHANCE MAKE YOUR TIME. HA HA HA.
  6. kiro02

    Furry mmo

    OMG THIS GAME IS TEH FUR FURRIES LOLOLOL IT IS TEH FURRIES GAME DER IZ ANIMALZ. No, just because it has animals doesnt make it a furry game it wasnt made by a furry it wasnt TARGETED at furries it's another bad bland mmo that has animals in it.
  7. kiro02

    Lol, News for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

    you mean MAHVAL BABY? cause it's so fun to play. being able to chain hyper viper beam into a second one is soooooo cool. and dr dooms infinite loop is hot sauce too.
  8. kiro02


    when i saw the trailer for the xbox 360 splatter house i was so happy. the first thing i thought was "the gaming systems have finally caught up to the gore the game's used to have." I cant wait to play this it'll be as graphic as it's suppose to be woo! Also people have complained it's just a...
  9. kiro02

    How many actual Cynder fantards are there?

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1228727 there you go.
  10. kiro02

    R.I.P 1986 - 2009 Castlevania

    Well if your going to pick apart the morris family what about the belnades family? yoko belnades from aria of sorrow to be exact. she's suppose to be sylpha's decendent and somehow related to the belmonts as well. And what about nathan graves from circle of the moon from what i can tell he has...
  11. kiro02

    Best Silent Hill

    i have it on the psp so you just press the button on the side theygrab you. it's simple. left is square and so on. and the doors and walls should all be outlined in light light blue.
  12. kiro02

    Best Silent Hill

    we dont talk about sh4 becuase it wasnt suppose to be a silent hill at all they panicked and threw the label on at the last minute. so i dont count 4 personally. but out of the ones i have played? shattered memories is standing out. what their doing with the game is like screwing with what i...
  13. kiro02

    Your favorite game that no one's heard of

    god hand http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnH1L-NGvEY Resident evil outbreak file #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ5ockuoYKg i say this mostly because i dont think the majority of people knew that there was an online resident evil. And the main characters are all civilians during the...
  14. kiro02

    You're screwed either way..

    well if you follow how silent hill 2 worked you get out when YOU make amends with yourself. 1,3 and 5 all had to do with the people either being involved in the birth of the "god" or pissing it off. either way i'd go to raccon city. mmm running from mr. x while having a knife fight with yawn...
  15. kiro02

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Twisted metal 2 is currently in my paws.
  16. kiro02

    Biohazard 6

    clare and steve destroyed the outpost from veronica, it was run by alexander or whatever and his "sister" alexia ashford. what i'd LOVE is re outbreak file #3 that'd be so sweet. I have to agree with crispy while i found the dlcs fun they where short as hell. but mercenary's reunion was cool...
  17. kiro02

    The Passing (L4D DLC)

    Re: The Passing you've got a point. but what if the black guy is a chicken so much so it's like he's a girl...would that mean he divided by zero?
  18. kiro02

    The Passing (L4D DLC)

    Re: The Passing It's someone from l4d *1* and my guess is either bill or zoey cause louis is a chicken and wouldnt make the ultimate sacrafice and francis would say "i hate death"
  19. kiro02

    Biohazard 6

    actually i was told 6 is going to restart the series. new town new characters and the like. Because as much of an re fan as i am. you have to admit, just how many times can raccon city be nuked off the map before it's just gone. also *SPOILERS* marcus, wesker, birkins, alexia...
  20. kiro02

    Nintendo's Next-Gen Handheld Announced: Tentatively Named... 3DS!

    it's a handheld that lacks loading times. you cant expect it to be god. and how was the cube bad graphicly? metroid prime was pretty slick.